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You’re Using The Treadmill Wrong – 3 Easy Tips For A Quick Fix

The common treadmill appears to be a simple machine – a vessel to allow for miles of running to be accomplished in a relatively small space. The concept of its proper use is rooted in one of the most basic human abilities, but successfully using and reaping the most reward from a treadmill requires more user input than just repetitive leg movements.

Tip One: Preparation and Warming Up

The act of using a treadmill properly begins before ever getting on the machine. In order to ensure you can participate in the longest workout your body is capable of, external factors must be controlled and changed a bit. An important element to monitor when using a treadmill is temperature. By extension, this means choosing the correct clothing which will work with your body to help it to maintain a reasonable core temperature. A well-fitting t-shirt is a must in order to trap sweat and assist in keeping the epidermis cool. Shorts which also keep the body from becoming too hot as well as increasing mobility are also essential. Do not run in long pants unless it is, for some reason, freezing within the indoor space your treadmill is located.
Of course, water is also critical when utilizing a treadmill. A bottle you can drink from with only one hand is essential, as you’ll want to keep the other one on the handrail to maintain your balance. A moist towel periodically used on the face and neck can also help you stay cool during your exercise session. Don’t neglect to take an MP3 player or some other music-listening device if your the type that dislikes sweating in utter silence.

Don’t forget to warm-up before you jump into a full-on sprinting session either. Before going full speed, start with a few minutes of walking, starting leisurely and progressing to a brisk pace. You should then jog at a comfortable pace for a while, and then progress to a higher pace should you feel prepared to do so.

Tip Two: Improving Your Performance

Quite obviously, one of the reasons to own a treadmill or engage in any sort of cardio workout is to improve one’s health. Part of this improvement stems from being able to improve in your workout: gaining to ability to run further and faster the more you do it. Increasing your endurance and speed relies entirely on incrementalism; increase your workload slowly and your body will adapt. Try running for an extra minute or so everyday. At first you may be unable to meet your goals, but after a while you will find yourself less tired after your runs and eager to continue. Improvement leads to more improvement, and soon the recognition of your visible, tangible advances will encourage you to continue working to improve.

Tip Three: Utilize the Incline Function

Unfortunately overlooked by many, the incline function of your treadmill is as important and useful as the actual tread. No matter for what reason you’re running, be it weight loss, general heart health, endurance training, the incline function can benefit you. By increasing the level of elevation at which you run, the amount of work your body has to do is increased dramatically regardless of the speed. This lead to a significant amount of additional calories being burned due to an overall more intense workout.

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