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Is Weight Loss Surgery Abroad Safe?

The World Health Organization’s recent research study has estimated that at least 1.6 billion people across the globe are overweight or obese. The study also shows severe negative effects of being overweight. In many cases, obesity is linked with dangerous diseases that result in fatality/death. We don’t have to look at the stats to see […]

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Bariatric Surgery and The Pros and Cons Of It

When you have a condition such as diabetes, bariatric surgery will likely be a common term you’ll hear among fellow patients. After all, it’s a procedure touted to be one of the many ways diabetes patients may be able to achieve relief from the condition. Aside from the potential expenses, a lot may say this […]

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The Rise of the ‘Mummy Makeover’

For women who have had children, the struggle is real; no longer has your life irrevocably changed, so has your body – but where, in between changing nappies, making bottles, and fire-fighting against endless crying fits – are you able to snatch the time to do something to fix it? For many mums, the answer […]

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Getting The Best Out Of Liposuction

Body contouring and cosmetic surgery are gaining popularity all around the world. Trends like breast, hips and buttocks enlargement are no longer causing a fuss as they used to. Both men and women are embracing cosmetic surgery for different reasons. Career is one of the most common reasons why people consider having these procedures carried […]

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The Growing Trend of Breast Reductions

  With former boob job poster girl Katie Price removing her infamous implants and returning to her once natural 32Bs, it’s safe to say that breasts have undergone something of a revolution in recent years. Whereas the noughties were dominated by the larger-than-life artificial look favoured by Price and her fellow glamour models, women today […]

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Breast Augmentation or Breast Lift: Which is right for you?

If you want a breast enhancement procedure but are a neophyte in the world of plastic surgery, it can be a ‘torn between two lovers’ kind of situation when it comes to deciding which procedure is right for you. Breast lift and breast augmentation, though targeting the same area, can be completely different depending on […]

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When Cosmetic Surgery is Good for Your Health

  Cosmetic surgery has not always been associated with good press over the years. More often than not presented as an unhealthy addiction for hollywood celebs rather than a costly vice for normal people, cosmetic procedures have nonetheless managed to become as popular as ever despite their reputation. But while extreme kinds of surgery can […]

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The Common Complications of Cosmetic Surgery that you Need to Know About

Though the general figures regarding cosmetic surgery have taken a slight dip in comparison to the rises from previous years, it remains an extremely lucrative industry. All procedures ranging from breast augmentation, through to small procedures such as dermal fillers are becoming increasingly common; however, there is still a small, yet very real risk of there […]

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Rhinoplasty Tips

Reasons for Seeking Rhinoplasty and Tips for Quick Recovery

Rhioplasty refers a plastic surgery procedure use to remold or reform the nose. During the surgery, the nose’s structure is changed by removing or adding the cartilage or the bone. It can also be achieved by using tissue grafted from another part of the body or using implants made of synthetic materials for nose alteration. […]

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Post-Surgery Pain Medication

Most people will have surgery at some stage in their life, and whether it is a minor surgical procedure with local anaesthetic, or a major operation with anaesthesia and respiratory assistance, post-surgery pain medication will play an essential role in your recovery. Following surgery, it is common to feel some degree of pain, but it […]

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