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Father Feeling Depressed At Baby's Mealtime

How can CBD Oil Help In Dealing Depression?

With the changing lifestyle and constant struggle to sustain in this competitive world, people are struggling with many mental disorders. Prolonged stress consequently leads you to the stage of depression which not only affects the physical health of the person but also makes them inappropriate to decide and act. Mere symptoms of the depression are […]

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Postnatal Depression and the Warning Signs to Watch out For

Giving birth to a child can elicit a lot of strong emotions within you. You may experience fear, anxiety, excitement, and joy; all of which are perfectly fine, especially if it’s your first time being a mom. However, having a child may result in something unexpected – you may feel depressed. A lot of new […]

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How CBD Oil Can Be Effective in Dealing with Depression Among Teens

CBD oil has come into the market with booming popularity. As a legal, THC-free alternative to marijuana, there are no psychoactive components that cause a “high”. Instead, a user may feel some relaxation, improved focus, less restlessness, and potentially a better ability to focus. That’s right, it somewhat does some of what weed would do […]

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Steps For The Elderly To Combat Depression

Depression is extremely common amongst elderly citizens and is often thrown about once we begin to hit the ‘elderly’ bracket. There are thousands of articles that are published monthly to suggest that the elderly are not properly cared for suggesting that 6 million elderly people, aged 65 or over are depressed, however, only 10% receive […]

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Tips for Healthy Hair

Five Ways To Use Art To Manage Stress And Depression

Stress and depression affect a lot of people, and sometimes it’s hard to find ways to beat them. You can take medications, but some people prefer to find more natural ways to fight the things that all them, even problems with their minds.     If you suffer from stress or depression, you may like […]

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Understanding Depression

Author: Aris Grigoriou, Managing Director of Study Medicine Europe

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Safe and Natural Alternatives for Fighting Depression

The first place people usually turn to, when they’re depressed, is drugs or alcohol. Maybe it’s not overt or illicit. Maybe they go to a psychiatrist to get meds to help them deal. Maybe they do turn to narcotics. Maybe it’s just an increase in social drinking on the weekends. But, at some point, full-blown […]

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How to Cope When a Friend is Depressed

Everyone feels a bit sad sometimes as a result of things not going their way or they may be feeling worried or anxious about something. It’s a normal reaction to things that are upsetting or difficult but those feelings will usually pass. However, if that feeling of sadness lasts too long, it can be described […]

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How to Recognize Early Symptoms of Depression?

A normal life is always a balance of happiness and sadness. According to the traditional Chinese principle of Yin Yang, darkness completes the light. To be complete, we have to accept the opposite, or dark, side of our lives. According to this theory, being sad at times is normal. It happens to all of us […]

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Can Acupuncture Help Treat Depression?

Depression is an insidious illness that affects people of all ages and backgrounds. We all suffer from black moods from time to time. A bad day at the office or a feeling of being taken for granted by our other half can make us feel bad tempered and grumpy. But these moods usually lift after […]

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