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elderly parents

Home Healthcare Service Is Important For Families

So many Canadians have to manage the everyday routine of juggling the demands of home, children and work along with caring for their loved elderly who may be ill, disabled, or aging. It can get quite overwhelming for the caregiver to manage the family as well as care for their elderly ones who need constant […]

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Can Your Home Cause Depression (Pretty décor makes you happy)?

It is generally accepted that there is a correlation between your home decorative arrangements and your emotional well-being. Because you spend a big part of your life in your home, it would make sense that certain elements can cause you to feel a certain way. Just like a beautiful floral arrangement would make you experience […]

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The Long Term Effects Of Nursing Home Abuse On A Senior’s Health

Nursing homes can be very helpful when it comes to taking care of a senior’s health, especially if the family or the people around the senior aren’t qualified to provide for their needs. Special services in nursing homes make them good options for seniors, as special concerns and needs regarding their health, mental wellness, and […]

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The Health Benefits of Having Flowers and Plants Inside Your Home

Healthy Reasons to Keep Plants and Flowers inside your Home Scientific studies have shown that those who have plants and flowers in throughout their home are more mentally balanced. As a matter of fact, there are numerous health benefits associated with having them.  Enhances Your Creative Side – Depending on the color of the flower, […]

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10 Awesome Tricks For Cleaning Your Home Without Chemicals

All of us, at a certain point of the day or the week need to devote a fraction of our time to keeping our household dust and germ free. However, it is not a rare case that we find ourselves being too tired or unmotivated to delve into it. Given that fact, a solution can still […]

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How To Make Sure Your Home Is A Healthy Place

There are numerous things inside your home that can cause illness. Many of them will affect you if you have a strong immune system, but for the elderly and even young children, these things can have dire effects. Living in certain conditions, for anyone, can over-time cause health issues. Even if you are regularly cleaning […]

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Stay In Shape With Yard Work

There’s really something to be said for some good old-fashioned manual labor. It can keep you engaged with your lawn and the surroundings of your home, it’ll boost endorphins in your brain, and, most importantly, it’ll keep you toned and ready to go. It’s truly great to put your muscles to use and then count […]

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Bed Bugs 101 – How Long do Bed Bug Bites Last ? – All You Should Know About These Guys!

Really? It’s bedbugs?What could be more unpleasant than finding that those little red spots on your skin are actually bedbug bites? Ew!And you thought your bed was your cozy, safe refuge. You never offered your body as a feeding ground for insects. If this is your first encounter with the nasty creatures, you’re sure to […]

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Feng Shui Home

Feng Shui Your Way To A Healthier Home

Chances are you are aware of the Chinese practice of feng shui. If you are unfamiliar with what feng shui actually is, feng shui is defined as a Chinese philosophy based on harmonious surroundings (such as the way you design your home or arrange your furniture) that can actually boost your health.   Sound a little […]

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Healthy reasons to add houseplants to your home

If you’ve just moved into your new home and think you have no room for houseplants then perhaps this article will help you think again! There are so many health benefits to having a few houseplants around your home you will wonder why you haven’t added them to your health regime! They don’t cost a […]

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