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London Boxing Gyms – The Ultimate Guide

Boxing is both a sport and a form of exercise, and whatever reason you choose to box – whether for fitness or competitively – you are joining many people who enjoy this quite invigorating and enjoyable pursuit. For beginners, it is important to find a gym – and a trainer – that offers you the […]

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3 Benefits of Boxing and Why You Should Start Boxing Today

  Boxing is one of those sports that has always intrigued the population, but the danger and amount of commitment that goes into it stops a large portion of the world from trying their own gloves on. Those who box say that the general population has actually got it all wrong. The training is intense, […]

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Boxing Will Help Your Child

I know what you are thinking, how can boxing be good for my child? The truth is it can be tremendously beneficial. In essence, boxing doesn’t just have to include physical violence. It is practicing that can be the most beneficial, and a child can train without ever having to go in the ring. Physical […]

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