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The Medical Concerns of a Trip to Cambodia

Sometimes traveling to a foreign country requires some medical precautions that you should take. Depending on what country you choose as your destination, you should check government websites to see what shots you need, or to see if your medical insurance covers medical emergencies in other countries other than that of origin. Cambodia is a […]

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How to Avoid Car Accidents While Travelling in a Foreign Country

Travelling can be an extremely fun endeavor, regardless if you’re doing it alone, with friends, with a special someone, or with family. The thrill of getting to know another place and another culture is something that is always present when exploring another culture, and it’s something that can motivate people to keep on travelling. However, […]

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Healthy Ways To Prepare For A Road Trip

When it comes to getting ready to take a road trip, most people simply focus on the driving safety aspect of the trip, but you also want to make sure that you are prepared for your own safety. Anything can happen while you’re on the road, from a breakdown to weather disasters. You want to […]

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Beach Active Holidays

7 Reasons Why the Beach is a Good Place to Have an Active Holiday

Going to the beach is a common activity among those who want to get away and go on a holiday. For those in colder climates it offers a chance to get out from being penned inside because of the weather. A trip to the beach also gives us a chance to get some sun which […]

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A guide for preventing and dealing with illness abroad

  Imagine you’re on holiday. You’re enjoying the hot weather, have rediscovered a love for sangria and don’t have to think about work for at least another week. Life doesn’t get much better than this – not until you wake up in a sweat in a strange foreign place with a pounding headache and aching […]

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