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Essential Weight Loss Tips To Lift Up Your Style

Weight-gain or obesity is a major issue that people of all ages have to face. Well-planned balanced diet and adequate exercise will shield you from this menace. But what if you are already an over-weight person? Nothing to worry! There are several ways by which, you can regain the desired body size and shape. Fat […]

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Reasons to Maintain a Healthy BMI

The world is taking a healthier approach to life. Everyone desires to be fit and healthy and getting weight levels in control has become imperative for everyone. But often people find themselves unsure of whether their weight is at the right levels or not. Men are constituted differently from women and their weight levels vary […]

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Free Download BMI chart

To use the table, find the appropriate height in the left-hand column labeled Height. Move across to a given weight (in pounds). The number at the top of the column is the Body Mass Index at that height and weight. Pounds have been rounded off. Source: Adapted from Clinical Guidelines on the Identification, Evaluation, and […]

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Online BMI calculator

Body mass index is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women. Calculate your body mass index with this handy, free body height and weight converter tool. For adults, a healthy weight is defined as the appropriate body weight in relation to height. Body Mass Index is […]

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