Understanding the Cause of Embarrassing Feminine Odour

While many women associate sudden or unusual vaginal odour with the presence of a yeast infection, yeast infection is far from being the sole cause of embarrassing feminine odours. Nor is vaginal odour necessarily caused by poor hygiene, and in fact, in some cases excessive washing of the vagina only further disrupts the natural pH... Continue reading

Antenatal Classes Could Lead To A More Positive Birth

  • ...27 November 2013

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Many women are looking for ways to have a more positive birth and many are turning to private antenatal classes but with so much conflicting information about what is best it is hard to know who to trust. Fi from Bumps And Births in Sheffield, UK helps women to listen to themselves rather than tell... Continue reading

Tips for Losing Post-Baby Belly

Getting pregnant is a blessing that also comes with so many challenges; and these trials do not stop after a baby is born. The new mother not only needs to take care of her baby, but she also has to find ways to get her old body back again. This can be easily done by... Continue reading

How To Take Care Of Yourself Throughout Fertility Treatment

  • ...13 September 2013

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If you’ve decided to embark upon the journey of fertility treatment, you may be feeling a mixture of emotions –excitement, anxiety and nervousness are all common feelings during this time, and often this can be put pressure on both your mind and body. During this hectic time your mind and body will be put through... Continue reading

Should Pregnant Women Attempt Yoga?

Yoga puts a lot of strain and stress on the muscles and joints. At the same time, it causes a wave of tranquillity to wash over your mind. A lot of pregnant women wonder whether it’s ok for them to try it out if they’re pregnant. They worry about the risks and potential harm caused... Continue reading

New community gynaecologist


The Richmond Practice has available services of an internationally experienced community Gynaecologist. Dr Nele Dumpert. She tells us more about herself and her work. What does a community gynaecologist do? Community gynaecologists look after women of all ages in their local communities. They can help with a variety of issues such as well woman checks... Continue reading

How a Fertility Clinic Can Change Your Life


The fertility clinic is a place of emotions. It’s where you might discover for the first time you can increase your chances of having a child. You don’t have to settle with a life of living without a child any longer. On the other hand, you might discover fertility treatment won’t help you and there... Continue reading

Try on a Stick On Bra

You have a gorgeous dress all ready to be worn for a special occasion – it is a fabulous colour and has a sensual plunging detail on the back. But you can’t wear it – because you don’t have a bra. A normal bra, even the strapless variety, can do little for a dress with... Read ...

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Steps towards Finding the Best Gynecologist in Singapore

Gynecologists play such an essential role particularly in women’s reproductive health. Over the years, the Gynecology industries has undergone massive changes all aimed towards providing better services. As a result of the escalating gynecology cost, every woman with a problem that requires the attention of a gynecologist is searching for top quality gynecology ...

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What Are The Main Factors Affecting Fertility?

Fertility is a complicated phenomenon in the human body, and there are many different factors that determine your chances of successfully bringing a healthy child to term. It’s a smart idea to look at each of these factors in order to determine what your chances are, how safe it is for you to try, and... Continue reading

Prenatal Yoga Classes Benefits for Mothers

As an expectant mother, it is important to not only keep yourself stress-free and healthy, but it is also necessary to provide the best life possible for your child while they are still in the womb. During pregnancy, you may be thinking about maternity photos and pictures that you will have taken of yourself and... Continue reading

How To Beat Pregnancy Anxiety

Whether you are pregnant with your first baby or fifth, it is highly likely you will suffer with pregnancy anxiety at some point throughout the course of the next nine months. You should not think you are alone during anxious times like this, as a majority of pregnant women will be feeling the same way... Continue reading

Does Dry Eye Symptoms Worsen During Pregnancy?

Your pregnancy can be the most amazingly beautiful time in your life. There is so much to look forward to and all you can hope for is for your pregnancy to run smoothly and for you to remain in good health throughout this period. Pregnancy comes with many things you may never have experienced before.... Continue reading

Lose Pregnancy Weight While Breastfeeding

Losing unwanted weight after giving birth is a problem for many breastfeeding women. Those pounds can sometimes seem like they will never come off. However, there are some simple and safe exercises you can do to get your body back into the shape that you desire. However, in order for these exercises to have the... Continue reading

Six Great Things to Eat During Pregnancy

Eating for two? Expecting mothers, whether for the first time or not, are undoubtedly concerned about what to eat during pregnancy. After all, what you eat while pregnant can greatly affect the health and well-being of your unborn child. So are you consuming the following pregnant-friendly foods? What to Eat When Pregnant 1. Avocado. For... Continue reading

Overcoming Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction is far more common than many people believe, affecting anywhere between 30 and 50 percent of women regardless of age. Many things can contribute to this disorder such as health problems, lifestyle choices, relationship troubles and the use of certain medications. Despite these challenges, however, sexual dysfunction can be overcome through ...

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What Causes Women’s Hair Loss?

Browsing through the web, sooner or later you are going to come across an advert for some form of hair loss treatment. Many people are self-conscious about their thinning locks and the number of people seeking professional help has skyrocketed in recent years. Browsing through the web, however, gives us an impression that baldness is... Continue reading

What Causes Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?

Polycystic ovaries contain large number cysts; these cysts are harmless and no bigger than 8mm in size. Healthy ovaries have about half this amount of cysts. These cysts are under-developed follicles; they contain eggs that haven’t been able to develop properly. Often in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) these follicles are unable to release an egg,... Continue reading

Obstetrics & Gynecology for Women’s Overall Health

There are a lot of medical specialties out there and most of the time, people find it difficult to keep track of the actual differences. Obstetrics and Gynecologists are specialist that focuses on women’s health. Gynecology focuses on maternal care before birth, assisting in pregnancy and after treatment whilst a gynecologist is in charge of... Continue reading

Immunizations Every Woman Should Know About

School-aged children are required to get immunizations in order to attend class with other kids. During flu season, pharmacies and medical offices are swamped with people who want the flu shot. When you travel to another country, certain immunizations are necessary before you even board the plane. However, what about all of the other immunizations... Continue reading

Women’s Fitness In Four Simple Steps

For women, there is incredible pressure to be thin and fit. The images projected in the media give the impression that the perfect female body is slender and almost fat-free. Of course, few women today can match those perfect figures shown on TV and the movie screen, but the truth is that they can come... Continue reading

The Effects of Smoking On Women

You’ve heard it a million times before: smoking is bad for you. This isn’t news. Smoking’s bad for both the people who smoke and anybody who’s even around secondhand smoke. Did you know that the risks for women smokers are different than the risks for men? In many ways, they’re worse. More than that, even... Continue reading

Vulvar Cancer Life Expectancy

Vulvar cancer is one of the gynecological cancers and accounts for around 4% of such cancer types. It is characterized by malignant growth in the vulva, which is an outer part of the female genitals. Most likely, this cancer affects elder women. Cancer of the vulva can be mainly classified into 5 types squamous cell... Continue reading