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Women’s Fitness In Four Simple Steps

For women, there is incredible pressure to be thin and fit. The images projected in the media give the impression that the perfect female body is slender and almost fat-free. Of course, few women today can match those perfect figures shown on TV and the movie screen, but the truth is that they can come […]

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The Effects of Smoking On Women

You’ve heard it a million times before: smoking is bad for you. This isn’t news. Smoking’s bad for both the people who smoke and anybody who’s even around secondhand smoke. Did you know that the risks for women smokers are different than the risks for men? In many ways, they’re worse. More than that, even […]

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Vulvar Cancer Life Expectancy

Vulvar cancer is one of the gynecological cancers and accounts for around 4% of such cancer types. It is characterized by malignant growth in the vulva, which is an outer part of the female genitals. Most likely, this cancer affects elder women. Cancer of the vulva can be mainly classified into 5 types squamous cell […]

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