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10 Reasons Your Body Needs More Water

Our bodies are made up of over 75% water so it’s no surprise that we need water for our systems to survive. Drinking water has enormous benefits to our health, which is why it comes as a shock that four million Brits haven’t had a glass of water in over a week!

So why do our bodies need so much water?

1. To Prevent Fatigue

We need water to keep our energy levels up. If you spend much of your day yawning and feeling tired then you might be dehydrated. If we’re dehydrated then the enzymatic activity in our body slows right down which means we get very tired!

2. For Clear Skin

Water is essential for flushing out toxins and waste from our body. It can help to prevent skin disorders such as psoriasis and keep our skin looking healthy and hydrated.

3. To Maintain A Healthy Kidney

People that are prone to kidney infections are often dehydrated. Bacteria is more likely to thrive if your body is unable to flush out unwanted toxins.

4. Avoid Nasty Headaches

headache-girlOur brains sit in a sack of fluid which prevents it from bumping against our skull. If we let our body’s dehydrate then this fluid depletes and our brains can knock against our skull causing a less than pleasant headache!

5. To Support Our Joints

Our joints can suffer with pain and stiffness if we don’t maintain adequate fluid levels. The cartilage padding between our joints is comprised of mostly water so it’s important we drink enough for this padding to be able to complete its job!

6. It Prevents Weight Gain

Water is a great weight loss tool. A glass of water helps to boost our metabolisms, even more so if it’s chilled! In so many cases people mistake the feeling of thirst for hunger causing unnecessary eating and potential weight gain. Keep drinking regularly to prevent these phantom cravings!

7. For Our Digestion

We need plenty of water to support our digestive systems as water enables us to transport waste and also absorb nutrients! When we consume protein and carbohydrates, these are transported by water in our bloodstream!

8. To Maintain Circulation

Water is an essential ingredient for proper circulation in our bodies, it helps to hydrated our cells and supply us with essential minerals.

9. It Removes Toxins

As briefly mentioned, water is vital for removing toxins from the body, especially the digestive tract. It also encourages the evacuation of our bowels, working as a natural lubricant for the body.

10. It Improves Concentration

Just a 2% drop in our body water can in fact result in short-term memory issues and difficulty concentrating on books, magazines and a computer screen.

So how can we get more water into our bodies? Trying to change your daily habits can be challenging but if it means a healthier you then it’s worth trying!

Here’s a few top tips:

Download an app to your smartphone, these can be super helpful at reminding you to drink more water! We can all be forgetful but now you have no excuse! Apps such as waterlogged allows you to count your daily water intake and understand more about your drinking habits.

Carry a sports bottle around with you. This is an obvious but if you carry a water bottle with you to work and on weekends then you’re more likely to take a drink of water than run to the nearest shop for a can of coke. You can also buy bottles that filter water on the go too!

Persuade your boss to invest in an office water cooler! Let’s face it, tap water does the job but filtered, chilled water is a lot more pleasant, healthier and not to mention tastier!

Eat plenty of water rich foods! Water can also come in fruits such as melon, oranges, blueberries and pears.

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