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10 Things You Need to Know About Steroids

Nature has not endowed every person with the same type of physique. People should be satisfied with what they possess. However, you do observe some people like to take the short cut to success.

[su_label type=”warning”]Tip: Any Type of Shortcut to Success is Not Advisable[/su_label]

They turn to anabolic steroids to enhance their performances. At the same time, they have to pay a price. You should know the harmful effects of anabolic steroids. Here are ten things you need to know about steroids and their use:


  1. Not all steroids are bad for health.

There are different types of steroids. Doctors prescribe corticosteroids to cure overactive immune responses as well as to reduce swellings. Doctors prescribe anabolic steroids to cure ailments such as muscle wasting in AIDS, to treat delayed puberty and so on. Doctors can prescribe steroids as medicines, but not for persons to gain any undue advantage or to enhance one’s athletic performance. Anabolic steroids or man-made steroids do affect your health.


2.Steroids can increase endurance power.

Normally people have a belief that steroids are harmful and do not increase endurance power. Yes, steroids are harmful to health. Nevertheless, they have powers to increase the endurance levels in humans. Steroids increase the red blood cell count in the blood.

These cells carry the oxygen to the muscles. Increase in the number of red blood cells results in increased supply of oxygen to the muscles. Hence, muscles do not tire soon. This improves the endurance levels.

[su_highlight background=”#e9f2d7″]This explains the reasons why bodybuilders resort to anabolic steroids to gain muscle strength unnaturally in less time as compared to natural growth.[/su_highlight]


3.Steroids alone cannot build up muscle.

Men and women have to work on their bodies to develop them in case they need to pursue a career in bodybuilding. Everybody has its own limits up to which it can endure. It is perfectly possible to build up a good body without taking steroids of any kind.

There are examples of people who have done that. However, there are also examples of people who have used steroids to help their body grow. They have also developed bodies and that too in a faster way.

However only steroids, and no exercise will lead you nowhere. You have to note one thing though. Body developed naturally without using steroids stays fit for a longer time than bodies built using a combination of steroids and exercise.

Steroids have their ill effects too. It takes time for them to show their true colors.

4.Women too use steroids.


Normally people get the feeling that the use of steroid is restricted to the male bastion only. This is not the truth. There are many women too who take their regular dosage of steroids. After all, they too are part of the same human race.

Their bodies have the same tissues. Therefore, what is applicable for men is also equally applicable to women too. In men can use steroids to enhance their physical appearance and their performance, so too could women.


5.Anabolic steroids can cause great harm to people who use them.

In simple terms, anabolic steroids are powerful hormones. Anything in excess is bad for health. Similarly, our body knows how much is actually required for growth. Unnatural intake of hormones can have a detrimental effect on our health. It can affect people in various ways as follows:

  • Men: Men start developing traits such as becoming infertile or impotent. They may start developing breasts and can have painful erections. Their testicles can shrink and hence they may decrease their sperm count.
  • Women: Women can start developing male features such as body and face hair. They may experience menstrual irregularities and may enlarge their clitoral size. Their voices can deepen and some women have had reduced breast sizes too.
  • Teenagers: They may experience stunted growth and girls may suffer from developing masculine features.
  • Common problems: The indiscriminate use of anabolic steroids can cause acne, loss of hair, chances of developing heart attacks and cancers of the liver. Mood swings can result and there are instances of people going into depression.


6.Steroid users develop aggressive behavior known as “Roid Rage.”

Excessive steroid can cause aggressive behavior among men as well as women. Steroids affect the part of the brain that control impulse reactions.

This results in violent outbursts among regular steroid users. This explains the series of criminal activities by people who are on an overdose of steroids. It is not that steroid alone is to blame. However, use of steroids is a definite indicative factor for such aggressive behavior.


7.Steroids are addictive.

Steroids are very expensive. However, people still go for them. This is reason enough to prove that this is an addiction. There are many reasons why people get addicted to steroids.

People who wish to let go of this habit exhibit severe withdrawal symptoms such as fatigue, mood swings, depression, reduced sexual drive, and insomnia.

Strong-willed people manage to overcome these symptoms and emerge the winner. However, not everyone is strong-willed. This explains the reason why people go back to taking steroids as that provides them the temporary relief.


8.Procuring and using steroids are illegal.

Every country has their rules and regulations about steroid use. One thing in common among most of the countries is that use of steroids is illegal. There is a ban on possession as well as use of steroids in majority of the countries in the world. However, it is a different matter altogether that people use them in clandestine manner.


9.Steroids taken by the oral route or the injection route have the same effect on the body.

Many people have the misconception that orally taken steroids are more harmful that steroids taken through injections. They feel this way because they believe that orally ingested steroids have to contend with the liver and can cause liver damage. Studies are evidence that steroids in any form can do damage.


10.Steroids have masking agents.

Many athletes and sportsmen use steroids to gain their two-minute of fame. However, they more or less end up in shame and guilt. Sportsmen take masking agents to prevent the banned substance from showing up in the random drug test.

Sometimes they are successful, but more often than not, they are not. Nevertheless, the masking agents do play a role in hiding their presence. They cannot prevent the steroid from showing its effect.

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