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3 Side Effects of Eating Too Much Sugar You Might Not Realize You Have

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Sugar is the ultimate drug of today. Although it isn’t thought to be as bad as the hard drugs that alter your state of consciousness and lead you to do awful things, it is still a drug and is scientifically proven to have as much an effect on the brain, if not more as cocaine. It sounds a bit melodramatic, but the fact of the matter is that sugar is in almost everything that you eat. Your body is most likely addicted, and it’s the reason you can’t not eat it.

People know the common side effects of eating too much sugar; it most usually looks like excessive weight and crazy cravings for the stuff, but an addiction to sugar is much more detrimental on your well-being than you probably even realize. Here are 3 side effects of eating too much sugar that you might not even realize you have:


Not to be confused with candy, candida is a yeast that comes from eating too much sugar and it lives deep in your gut. In your small intestine to be exact. The more sugar you eat, the greater the candida grows and it only adds to the issues that you’re having because your body thinks it can’t live without the sugar. Are you having the kinds of sugar cravings that are impossible to ignore? If the cravings for you are so intense that there is nothing that you feel you can do but give in, look into candida overgrowth. The first step in getting help is diagnosing the problem.

Skin Problems

Have you ever noticed that people who are overweight to severely overweight often manifest the symptoms of that in their skin? Their skin sometimes looks bumpy, yellowish, and they might have odd growths if they are seriously overweight. The reason this is happening is mostly due to the amount of sugar they’re consuming in their diets. Sugar releases insulin in the body and insulin causes your body to inflame. That inflammation creates enzymes that actually break down your skin and cause you to wrinkle, bruise and sag.

Sugar stops your body from functioning properly in many regards, so if you’re eating too much of it, your organs will show that. Since your skin is the largest and most visible organ in your body, you will lose that healthy glow and function. If you’re noticing you’re breaking out more often lately or your skin is starting to lose elasticity, the reason could be due to too much sugar in your diet.

Intense Hunger

One side effect of sugar that people don’t often think about is that it makes you hungry. Like…really hungry. That’s a problem because if you’re eating food that is high in sugar content, not only are you not getting the nutrients you need, your body is so addicted to the sugar that it can’t process signals correctly. The more sugar you eat, the less easily it is for your body to recognize that it’s full, and this just makes the whole thing an even bigger problem.

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