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3 Ways Your Health Can Improve When You Stop Drinking Alcohol

While drinking the recommended amount of alcohol isn’t necessarily dangerous for most people, there are plenty of benefits for drinking very little to no alcohol. The negative effects of alcohol, both physically and emotionally, can be devastating. Compare these hindrances to the way your body and mind can improve when limiting the amount of alcohol you drink and you’ll wonder why you ever let your drinking get as far as it did. So to show you why it’s worth it for you to drink a little less on a regular basis, here are three ways your health can improve when you stop drinking alcohol.

Get Better Sleep

Although you may feel like you’re better able to fall asleep once you’ve had a few drinks in you, drinking alcohol, especially before bed, actually makes you sleep worse and get less restful sleep. According to Meghan Rabbitt, a contributor to, ridding your body of alcohol can help you to have more restful sleep and to feel more refreshed when you wake up. Not only is this great for your body, but it can also help you to have better days ahead of you. People who get more restorative sleep tend to have more concentration and performance during the day as well as an improved mood.

Your Skin Will Thank You

If someone’s been drinking a lot, it’s not that hard to tell simply by looking at them. Especially if someone has been consuming a lot of alcohol for a longer period of time, the evidence of this is pretty clearly written all over their face. This happens because alcohol pulls water from the body and leaves you dried out. Becki Ledford, a contributor to, writes that due to this diuretic effect, alcohol can severely dry out your skin. So naturally, once you stop drinking so much alcohol, your skin will better be able to retain its moisture. This means any splotches will clear up as well as dry or puffy areas.

Improved Cholesterol Levels and Blood Pressure

The effects of alcohol on your body can really wreak havoc on your bodily functions and levels. For example, Brooke Nelson, a contributor to Reader’s Digest, shares that alcohol can boost your cholesterol levels as well as throwing your blood pressure all out of whack. Knowing this, simply drinking less or avoiding alcohol altogether can help even out these numbers and get your body back to healthy ranges here. If you drink a decent amount of alcohol on a regular basis and are having high cholesterol or unhealthy blood pressure, consider cutting back as a way to improve these areas.

If you’ve wondered about how stopping drinking could benefit your body, use the information presented above to help you understand just what excessive drinking is doing to your body and mind.

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