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30 Days Sober – Health Benefits of Alcohol Sobriety for a Month to Your Health

It is not a bad idea to quit drinking. Getting along with sobriety is not an easy thing. However, if you are successful in your endeavor, you are going to enjoy the huge benefits that come with it. Once you quit drinking the body will immediately react to it by going to the detox mode. The major problem is that there are consequences that follow the withdrawal, and such consequences are not easy to manage by many people. If you are able to handle the consequences, you will notice the numerous health benefits associated with it. There are toxins associated with alcohol, and when you quit drinking for at least one month, the body will do away with those toxins.

Getting sober is recommended if you are a habitual drinker because you can begin to enjoy the benefits within the shortest possible time. According to a 2015 report from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention an average of 6 people die of alcohol poisoning each day in the US. and 76% of alcohol poisoning deaths are among adults ages 35 to 64. This shows how critical it is not only to quit this destructive habit, but also to sustain from it so that you not fall back drinking. But even if you do fall, do not lose your faith as there are many efficient ways to deal with relapse.

Health benefits of alcohol sobriety for one month

It Makes you More Intelligent

Alcohol drinking has lots of health consequences, apart from making one engage in unruly behavior, it is not good for the brain, because it affects the proper functioning of the brain. Research has already shown that it can derail the cognitive function of the brain for up to three days, but that depends on the quantity taken. Engaging in alcohol drinking for a long time can negatively affect the brain lobe, and thus negatively affect the thinking ability. The long-term damage is that it affects the ability of your brain to repair itself. When you stop drinking for 30 days, your brain will start recovering and you’ll start witnessing improvements.

Better Sleep

Furthermore, when you quit drinking, it can help you sleep better. Some people erroneously think that drinking or taking drugs can make them sleep better, but that is far from the truth. If you do not drink, you will sleep well, concentrate well as achieve a body restoration within a short time. When you do not drink, you do not only sleep well, you will not feel drowsy, as would the case when you drink before sleeping.


Lose Weight

Perhaps, the greatest benefit of quitting drinking for a month is that it can facilitate weight loss. It is already known that alcohol derails metabolic process. It takes plenty of time for the body to break down alcohol to its various components. The breakdown process can take more days than it would have taken if it were not affected by alcohol. In fact alcohol is more dangerous than carbohydrates because carbohydrates break down two times faster than alcohol.


Research has shown that alcohol is not good because it is known to be diuretic. The implication is that it can affect the important parts of the body like the kidney. The consequence is that you will be subjected to frequent drinking. The worst is that it makes it difficult for the kidney to perform one of its key features, which is the production of anti-diuretic hormone vasopressin which most likely get you dehydrated. You might have heard that our body performs its best when it is properly hydrated as water is a primary substance for cellular function. Quitting alcohol combined with a healthy nutritious diet with fruits and vegetables will get your fluids moving and every cell of yours will thank you for this!

It Affects the  Liver

Most importantly, research has shown that it can affect the liver. When you quit drinking, it has a significant effect on the body; it can reduce the fat in the liver. This is good for the body because it can at least prevent cancer and make you strong and not sluggish, as would have been the case if you had not given up alcohol.


More Minerals and Vitamins Absorbed to the Body

When you quit alcohol drinking,Detox Tea your body will draw more minerals and vitamins. Research has shown that alcohol can negatively affect stomach cells as well as the intestine. The worst part is that alcohol does not contain any calories so taking the decision to quit drinking for 30 days will actually do wonders to your overall health. One great tip that will help you ditch this habit as well as other habits you are struggling with is to replace it with a healthier one. For instance you can switch cigarettes with gums or in this case you can switch alcohol with detox water, tea or even your favorite beverage.


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