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4 Nighttime Regimes To Enhance Your Beauty

After a day of enduring pollution, harsh weather, environment changes, oil and makeup, your skin deserves some care. Caring for your skin at the end of each day is necessary if you want to have healthy skin and to look fresh and radiant the next day. In fact, a few minutes of skin care before going to bed can help you eliminate stress and encourage restful sleep. Tending to your skin every morning is not enough as it needs to be cared for every night as well. Even though you may be too tired, it is worth it to take a few minutes to ensure that your skin receives your tender loving care.

1. Wash Your Face Before Going To Bed

It is a rule that you must not go to bed with makeup on. Makeup that is left on your skin during the night can cause breakouts and affect your pores, thus making your skin look older and dry. Since your skin needs to breathe, washing your face and removing makeup and accumulated dirt from your skin is essential. You can use an oil based makeup remover which can easily clean your delicate skin even if you are using waterproof mascara. Simply sweep a cotton ball with some makeup remover over your skin and then wash your face with a facial cleanser that is not harsh for your skin type.

2. Invest In Eye Cream

Skin around the eyes is often ignored and when it is neglected, the overall appearance of your face is affected. This portion of your skin is thinner than other areas of your skin and it thins more as you age which leads to circles under your eyes as well as hallowing. The best treatment for the skin around your eyes is eye cream or serum containing vitamin A, C and E that can lighten dark circles and repair the skin. Opt for eye creams that offer a combination of vitamins to ensure your skin is well cared for.

3. Collagen And More Collagen

Although your skin already produces collagen, you will still need to supply it with more collagen as you get older because your skin will reduce its production with age. There are collagen creams and supplements that you can invest in or collagen injectables to ensure that your skin is well fed. When your skin is rich in collagen, it will not have fine lines, big pores, wrinkles or scarring. Skin that is firm and smooth due to collagen offers a healthy overall appearance.

4. Improve Your Sleeping Surface

Sleep is also a major contributing factor to skin care. When you sleep well each night, your skin is hydrated and rich. All the collagen, eye creams and cleansing habits will not matter if you do not get the sleep you need. Fine lines on one side of your face can also indicate a problem with the sleeping position you have. You can improve your sleeping habits by changing your old mattress for a firmer mattress that can provide you with comfort and support for your body. This will reduce the tossing and turning each night as well as the habit of sleeping on one side of your body.

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