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5 Mind Exercises You Can Take to Prevent Alzheimer

Alzheimer is generally a complex disease. It has several risk factors that include genetics and age which are basically beyond the control of a patient. However, there are mind exercises which you can take to prevent this disease. Regular exercises have been proven effective in reducing the risk of developing this disease by up to 50%. Additionally, regular exercises can slow down further deterioration in people who have already developed cognitive problems.

Basically, mind exercises protect against this disease by stimulating the ability of the brain to make new connections and maintain old ones. There is no mind gym where you can go to exercise your brain. As such, you need to know the right exercises for your brain when you want to prevent Alzheimer.

First, you should know the gaps in your memory. For instance, if you have a problem with numbers, know the right exercises for this problem. Engaging in the right mind exercises will keep your brain sharper and healthy. It’s also important that you engage in exercises which enable your mind to build connections and enhance memory.

Your metal fitness level will largely be determined by how you exercise. Generally, mind exercises are not done just once. You need to exercise every day to keep your mind healthy and sharp.

Here are 5 mind exercises you can take to prevent Alzheimer:

  • Crossword Puzzles

Any form of word or number puzzles is great because it stimulates the mind continuously. Puzzles also maintain the brain recall ability. Therefore, play crossword puzzles to discover and even remember information. This gives different brain sections the necessary exercise. Big puzzles can take days to complete. This will improve long-term memory thereby preventing Alzheimer. Additionally, puzzles stimulate reasoning and problem solving functions of the brain. These are affected severely by Alzheimer.

  • Recall Testing

This is a mind exercise for which you do not need a program. Simply come up with a list of the things that you want to do. You can even include grocery items in the list and anything else that you think of. Memorize the list then put it away for an hour. Try to remember the items in your list after an hour. Recall test gives mental stimulation while improving recall abilities. If you are a student, use this test when you write essay online. Try to recall providers of essay services online without assistance.

  • Fit Brains

This is a program which features over 60 games and puzzles. It helps improve the speed, focus, and memory of the brain. Neuroscientists developed the program and its games and puzzles become more difficult as the user improves. Thus, there is always a more challenging game or puzzle that awaits the user as they progress.

  • Math in the Head

This is an app or program that you can use to prevent Alzheimer. It enables you to develop a problem solving habit using a paper, pencil, or computer. Try to work out problems in your mind as you walk to make the task more challenging.

  • Dakim

Dakim is another mind fitness program that features a set of games and puzzles. These games and puzzles are designed to give the brain a full workout. The more than 100 brain exercises in this program improve attention and concentration of the user. The exercises are simply mental tasks whose role in Alzheimer’s prevention is crucial.

Nobody wants to forget or see the people they love forget themselves. Alzheimer is not easy for patients and the people they love. Although it’s impossible to stop every Alzheimer case, steps can be taken to prevent this disease. Taking care of the entire body is an important approach towards Alzheimer prevention. This can be achieved through exercises, supplements and diets which prevent degeneration of the brain.

Mind exercises which target the brain increase cognitive reserves of the brain when done regularly. They work like weight workouts which target body muscles. Therefore, to prevent Alzheimer, engage in mind exercises more often and change your lifestyle. Brain games and exercises will give your brain the workout it needs, improve your memory and thinking skills. Problems which relate to these skills are commonly associated with Alzheimer and dementia yet you can avoid them by engaging in mind exercises.

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