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5 Things In Your Bedroom That Are Ruining Your Sleep

Your sleep is vitally important to maintaining proper health, without a good night’s sleep you’re liable to gain weight, suffer from heart disease, become more irritable, the list just goes on! That’s why there are so many different tips and tricks for relaxing and falling asleep. Well, I think one thing is forgotten about. The bedroom!

It doesn’t matter how relaxed you get if your bedroom isn’t set up properly you’re not going to sleep well. So here are 5 things that could be ruining your sleep.


  1. Old Mattress

When you can get a mattress delivered in a box  to your door there’s no excuse for not upgrading. An old mattress has a really adverse effect on your sleep, and tossing and turning are a likely sign that it’s time to upgrade. If you’re lying on top of lumps and bumps, or even worse you can smell it it’s definitely time to upgrade.


  1. Thin Blinds

If your curtains are too thin and there’s light streaming in your window at 6 am you’re definitely not going to get a sound sleep.  Light disturbs our sleep, and in the UK in the height of summer the sun rises early and doesn’t set till late so getting proper blinds to keep out the light is hugely important. Black out blinds may be too excessive the other way, waking up in the dark can cause confusion and have your body convinced it’s still late and you should be asleep. So find the happy medium and keep the worst of the light away from your face while you’re still snoozing and sleep right through to your alarm.


  1. Your Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are the absolute worst thing to keep beside your bed, the temptation to play on it late into the night and the blinding light that hits you in the face everytime you check the time aren’t good. The excessive light stops the production of melatonin which is the hormone that helps you fall asleep. Without it, you’re going to be stuck lying awake unable to nod off.


  1. Work

Work is another thing that should absolutely be kept out the bedroom. The amount of stimulus work causes in your brain is hard to settle down, it normally takes me an hour or two to fully wind down from work, so working in bed is going to leave you tossing, turning and frustrated for far too long! It horrifies me that there is a bed that transforms into a bed.


  1. Creaky Bed

Metal beds are the absolute worse for making noise all night long. They creak and moan every time you move around.


If you’re a very still sleeper you might get away with it but if your partner gets up in the night you have to deal with the creaking and often wobbly bed. So a sturdy bed is the way forward. You spend a third of your life in bed so it’s worth the proper investment to get it right.

So if you have any of those happening in your bedroom they could be the reason you’re waking up tired every morning and its time for change.

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