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5 Things to Know About Training After Cosmetic Surgery

If you will be investing in any type of cosmetic surgery, you need to make sure that you abide by the rules to make sure that you have a good recovery process. There are some who think that they can just go back to their active lifestyle right away after their surgery. That is a very wrong way to think and doing so can endanger you. Here are things you need to know if you are thinking of going back to training right after cosmetic surgery.

  1. The first 48 hours are crucial – if you have just finished your cosmetic surgery, even though you are already itching to get back to your daily routine, including training or exercising, you will have to refrain from doing so. Regardless of what procedure you had, even if it just a minor one, the first 48 hours are when you have to be inactive and focus on letting your body heal and recuperate. You may think that you are healthy enough to take on a physical activity so soon after your cosmetic procedure, or perhaps you are thinking that you will just train a part of your body that is far from where the procedure was done and it would not affect your recovery in any way, you need to remember that one part is connected to another part and therefore will still have an effect.
  1. You must pace yourself – there is a reason why training or exercising, in any form, is prohibited right surgery is because it can lead to serious complications. Even something as simple as running can cause strain on the incisions in your body. There is also the risk of infection and swelling. So when you start exercising, don’t overexert yourself and begin with light exercises before you go back to your usual routine.
  1. Listen to what your surgeon’s advice is – you might argue that you know your body and you know what your body can handle, but you also need to realize that your UK plastic surgeons are trained professionals and they know what they are doing. If they tell you that will need at least two weeks of rest without exercising, always heed their advice. They are experienced and have met with so many patients during their career so they know what they are talking about.
  1. If there are areas that are bruised, swelling or hurting, refrain from exercise – even if sufficient time has passed, such as a week or more, if you still see signs of bruising in your body or swelling and if a body part still hurts, it would be a smart choice to refrain from physical activity that will just put additional strain on your body.
  1. You can start with five-minute walks every day – after the first 48 hours, if you really feel like you need to start getting some exercise, just do some five minute walks for the first week, especially if you had a major cosmetic surgery. After some time, and with the go signal from your doctor, you can gradually  make it to-15 minutes until you can do more strenuous exercises.

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