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5 Tips for Helping Your Body Recover From Alcoholism



Addiction is a rampant problem in the U.S. and is doing significant damage to the nation’s health. While going through a rehab program to wean yourself off of alcohol is the first step, it takes much longer to heal the damage done to your body. Some damage done by alcohol, like cirrhosis of the liver, can be irreversible, but many other ailments may be healable. Included here are a few tips for helping your body regain health while recovering from alcoholism.


#1. Replenish Vitamins and Minerals

The first step in helping your body regain good health is through replenishing your stores of vitamins and minerals. Nutrient-rich superfoods are incredibly important in fueling your body with vitamins and minerals. Look for fresh, organic fruits and vegetables as well as increasing your consumption of whole grains. The antioxidants present in many fruits and vegetables can help your body ward off free radicals created from years of alcohol abuse.


#2. Lean Proteins

Stocking up on proteins is also important to rebuild muscle and overall health. Lean proteins are the best source and include foods like turkey, fish, chicken, eggs and other dairy products. Consuming whole milk can be beneficial for your bones as well as eating cheese. Amino acids present in protein are critical to your replenished health because they help boost serotonin levels.


#3. Know Your Deficiencies

While a healthy diet is the best step you can take initially, seeing a doctor can be important for your long-term health. Many addicts find their bodies are deprived of vital nutrients like vitamin B1, B2, C or folic acid and need a prescription for higher powered pills. Seeing a doctor is the best way to identify any deficiencies and get you on track for better health.


#4. Exercise

When you sweat, your body is removing toxins from your system. Exercise is critically important for those recovering from a long-term addiction. Not to mention, exercising will help release endorphins and boost your serotonin levels. If running is not your style, ease into exercise by doing yoga, tai chi, swimming or hiking.


#5. Stress Relief

To avoid relapse, the most important step is to remove stress from your life. Get your finances in order by cementing a plan for getting out of debt and into safe financial waters. Having stable living conditions can improve your health and ease stress as well. Working to make your body healthier can help you avoid the stress of medical bills or other health problems.


Personal relationships are critical to the recovery of any alcoholic. Create a support system that you feel is reliable and loving as you build a life after rehab. Deal with personal issues you have with loved ones, and attempt to resolve hurt feelings and broken relationships.


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