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5 Ways Your Smile Can Change Your Life

Your smile is the first thing a person notices, according to statistics. Perhaps that’s why there’s an ever growing spend on improving the shape and colour of the smiles of the world. But there’s many deeper and more compelling reasons to invest in making your smile a great one.

Boost Your Self-Esteem

When you smile you will find that more people smile back at you. These positive emotions will start to give you more and more self esteem eventually making you an unstoppable force in this social world. But what if your smile isn’t all that perfect? That’s fine, many people have been in the same position before and that’s why the incredible field of cosmetic dentistry has emerged. Here you can have you teeth straightened, have cosmetic veneers treatment, a teeth whitening or more.

Instantly Feel Happier

Your body and your emotions are deeply linked together. Have you ever noticed when someone tense will raise their shoulders and breather more frantically. Or when someone extremely confident stands with their chest puffed out talking loudly not caring who hears them. Well it is lesser know that the same happens the other way around.

If you place your body into a position associated with an emotion then you’ll feel that emotion too. That’s where the idea of ‘power posing‘ came from. The awesome thing is that it works with your smile too. When you are happy you smile and your body releases happy hormones in your brain to make you feel good. So if you smile regardless of your mood then your brain associates your feeling as being happy and out come those happy feelings!


Looking for love?

The smile was rated second in the factors a person looks for in a partner right after personality. That puts your smile very high on your list of things to get right when looking for that perfect someone. Some are born with a great smile and may benefit from simple teeth whitening treatment to give it the finishing touch. On the other hand, some people may have a weathered smile due to poor genetics or certain lifestyle choice. Not to worry though. Just visit your cosmetic dentist and your smile will be back on track in no time.

 Increased Job Prospects

A study took place in which job candidates were split in two groups. One group would smile whilst in the interview and the other group would keep a normal but relaxed facial expression. It was found that the group that smiled were more likely to be offered the job!

The interviewers would have most likely reacted more positively to the smiling candidate as they appear to have more confidence in themselves. Another reason has to do with mirror neurones. These Neurones in the brain are built to understand emotions. When they see another person smiling for example they will release the feeling in the persons body to tell them what that smile means. Due to this, if the candidate is smiling then the interviewer is also going to feel some happiness. And if the interviewer is feeling happy then perhaps they are more inclined to hire you.

You’ll likely have a better overall health

It has been proven that if you have a great smile then you are more likely to look after it. That is, you’ll be more likely to brush and floss twice a day and to keep your mouth in good oral hygiene. That’s great but what’s even better is that periodontal disease can also be linked to heart disease, cancer and more. So by keeping your gums healthy you are actually helping out a lot more than just your mouth.

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