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6 Fat Flushing Drinks That Can Help You Lose Weight Without Exercising

Who wouldn’t like to be slim? However no one wants to work hard at it. Luckily for them they don’t have to. You don’t have to starve yourself with a strict diet. Neither do you have to kill yourself in the gym. All you have to do is drink. And when I say drink I don’t mean alcohol. We’ve compiled a list of drinks that can help you flush out excess fat. Drinking anyone of these drinks can help you lose weight, so you don’t have any more excuses left.


I think it is common knowledge that water does a little more than just quench your thirst. If you didn’t know that already you must have been living under a rock. It doesn’t matter, now you know. Generally you should drink 8 glasses of water every day. People say you should drink water after a meal. However, I say you should drink it before. That way you’ll eat less and consume less fat. Water even helps you avoid kidney stones, so the more you drink the better for you. Along with a slim body water can also help you achieve radiant skin.

Fat Flush Water

This drink made its debut on the Biggest Loser, a show about overweight people losing weight. Its recipe is not that complicated, so you can make it at home. Water, grapefruit, tangerine, cucumber and peppermint is all it takes. Have a glass early in the morning and see how the rest of your day goes. It’s meant to energize you using the excess fat from your body. It also fulfils your appetite, so instead of stuffing your mouth with cookies try this the next time you have a case of the munchies. It beats all those tasteless concoctions you drink while on a diet.

Green Tea

Only a few countries drink tea. And the ones that don’t should start immediately, but with green tea. It contains antioxidants. I don’t have the time to go into the details, but it’s good for you. Green tea also helps you lose weight. Now that is its most redeeming quality. Unlike regular tea you don’t need to watch your consumption of green tea. That doesn’t mean you should drown yourself in it either. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Drinking green tea every waking second of the day won’t speed up your weight loss process.


The vote is in, coffee helps you lose weight. There’s was some debate about that, but Fox News published an article about it a year ago. I know Fox News isn’t the most trustworthy source, but when it comes to useless trivia such as this they’re right on the mark. This is in fact a cause for celebration. Fox News was right about something after all. Since we all drink coffee at least twice a day we’re good. Like green tea coffee shouldn’t be taken in excess either. Too much of a good thing can also be bad.

Grapefruit Juice

If you’re worried about gaining weight during your pre-theatre dinner, you should avoid the wine and have a glass of grapefruit juice. I’m sure your date won’t mind. It’s definitely better than throwing up afterwards. That could ruin your whole evening. It’s also a great addition to your diet. It’s better than those salads you eat. They don’t fulfill your appetite at all. What do you think happens when you quit your diet? After being hungry for so long you make up for lost time pretty quick. If you drink grapefruit juice during your diet you’ll be less likely to hog after it.

Cranberry Juice

Don’t ever mess with a guy drinking cranberry juice again. That’s what ‘The Departed’ and Leonardo DiCaprio taught us. Cranberry juice may seem feminine to most, but when you start shedding those extra pounds guess who’s going to be laughing? But if you still feel ashamed of your weight loss program you should avoid drinking it in front of your friends. They’re just looking for an excuse to make fun of you. And a glass of cranberry juice in your hand is the perfect excuse.

Thanks to these fat flushing drinks you can avoid all the hard work that goes into losing weight. Losing weight doesn’t necessarily have to be such a strenuous activity.

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