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8 Tips For Younger Looking Skin


Have you been agonizing over what to do with your unpleasant, leathery skin that makes you look ten years older than you really are? Well, here is something you are definitely going to love. We have sampled the best of tips on how to get your skin back to glowing again within the shortest time possible. First of all, though, you need to know that your appearance is really important in boosting your self-esteem and confidence in front of your friends, your partner or even the mirror. Just sit up, read through this and you could realize that your poor skin condition could be one less problem to worry about.

1. Moisturize

Ensure your skin is adequately moisturized to prevent wrinkles from forming on your face and other parts of your body. People with oily skin tend to be a little bit safer from ageing signs compared to those with dry ones. This means you would have to get yourself a good moisturizer with immediate effect especially if your skin is naturally dry. Insist on moisturizers made from natural products to avoid possible chemical side effects. You could also try home-based moisturizers such as milk-cream.

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2. Applying Milk

Applying milk enables in softening the skin and getting rid from dry and itchy skin. Milk contains the smoothening properties which enables in retaining moisture in the skin. It makes the skin softer and even lightens the complexion. On applying milk, we feel fresh.

Soak a cloth in cold milk and rub your face lightly with it. Then rub your face lightly with a cloth dipped in lukewarm water. Add lemon juice along with rose water in four tablespoon of milk and apply the left-over solution throughout your body. Rub the milk soaked cloth throughout your body and then wash your body with cold water. Do it twice daily and see the solution.

3. Applying Honey

Honey which contains antioxidants results as a moisturizer when applied. It makes the skin more soft and smooth. The vitamins and mineral present in it enables in improving the quality of skin. You can apply honey throughout your skin specially face before taking shower and keep it for 10 minutes. After bath feel the difference in your skin.

4. Take Some Vitamin D

Although you poor skin condition could be hugely attributed to exposure to harmful sun rays, an early morning sun-bathing is really important. Vitamin D is of importance in reducing eczema and rosacea and the most available source of this basic vitamin is the sun.

5. Avoid Smoke

However hard this might seem on you, try as much as possible to stop, or at least, reduce smoking. This one will highly depend on which one comes first for you, between fun and your skin. I would recommend you reduce the number of cigarettes per day to two. Smoking leads to skin infections, wrinkles and even posing an even deadlier threat of contracting skin cancer. Two cigarettes a day is recommendable for someone who is so accustomed to smoking, but if you are in the position to shun the habit altogether, go ahead and do it.

6. Remove Make-Up

Do away with all traces of make-up before you sleep. This could do you good as it ensures the skin pores are not blocked. Bacteria breeds in poorly ventilated places and clogged skin pores could provide a perfect site Infectious bacteria would definitely trigger contracting a skin infection.

Use light cotton to rub off make-up and wash your face with clean water treated with a disinfectant.

7. Apply Sunscreen

Ageing signs on your face and other exposed areas of your skin are a result of UV rays from the sun and since we cannot avoid this completely, sunscreen could be the only option you have to save your day.

8. Be Careful With Scrubs

Skin scrubs may help in removing dirt, oil and make-up that might clog pores. However, they have some serious side effects in the form of microscopic scars that could lead to irritation on sensitive skin. Another side-effect of these products is that they leave the skin too dry causing an uncomfortable feeling. Natural scrubs are recommended for results without side-effects.

All of these tips are real and guarantee you a positive result within a time as short as one week. Some skins, though, react faster to treatments than others. You should therefore be patient once you try on any of the above tips.

This is a guest post by Gracy Parker, an enthusiastic health and fitness writer, currently working on NI card.

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