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8 Tips To Prevent Childhood Illness

Children are prone to countless diseases due to their weakness in the immune system. Most common diseases are Skin rash, Fever, Allergy, Chickenpox, Diarrhea, Epileptic seizure, and Pneumonia etc. Not all but if you follow the following tips, your baby should be free of some of these common diseases.

Breast Feeding: Yes, you hear about it always and this is the most fruitful preventive measure that you can take to keep your baby safe and sound. All pediatrician recommend this. For the infant, up to 6 months, you should not feed anything else except breast milk.

Remember,  breastfeeding not only keep common diseases away but it helps to grow the learning ability of your little one. Most moms have a common misperception about breastfeeding. They think it will deteriorate their attractiveness. But rest assured, it’s NOT true. Just do a little bit of google search and you will find out breastfeeding can make your figure more attractive!

Safe Nursery: This is where your baby spends most of the time of her childhood. Make sure to make it a safe haven for her. You must have a standard fixed side baby crib in the nursery that meets ASTM International and U.S. CPSC safety standards.

Almost all baby likes to chew the rail of the crib. So, make sure finishes of the crib is lead & phthalate safe. Also, avoid ‘drop-side’ crib even if you are a ‘shortie’ to minimize the chance of SIDS.

Shape Eating Habit: After the first six months, start giving normal food. It’s the best time to shape her food habit. Give her vegetables now and then to eat. You need to go through a lot of trials. Don’t force her, just give her different types of vegetables.

kid eating

If you can make her eating vegetables on a regular basis, her immune system will develop a lot. You can let her eating with her own hand and make sure her hands are always clean while eating. That way, your baby can get rid of some common childhood diseases.

Baby Immunisation Program: There are a lot of such programs run by the government. You need to find out about such vaccination program and make sure your baby have them all. A very common childhood disease is pertussis mostly known as a whooping cough. While cleaning coughs and sneezes of your baby, make sure to use tissues not your bare hands. Also, there is vaccination for pertussis too.

After consulting your healthcare provider, give her the vaccination for pertussis along with diphtheria, tetanus. Only one vaccination shot is enough to prevent these three common diseases.

Keep Away From ill People: Most of the time kids get sick from the virus and bacteria spread from ill people. As a parent, you need to make sure your baby never gets closer to such ill people even if that’s YOU!

Keep All Baby Stuff Clean: Kids like to play and they like to chew everything they can touch. So, you need to make sure all her toys, towels and other kinds of stuff are always clean.

Travel: Just like adult people, kids need to travel a lot. In fact, they need it more than an adult. Tour and travel every now and then help to grow the mind of a child. Don’t forget, there is a deep relationship between mind and body. Without a sound mind,  healthy body is impossible.

Beware of Electric Device: Watching cartoon or playing games on a mobile for a while is okay. But don’t let your kids spend time with that stuffs hour after hour. Besides,  try to keep your baby nursery free of Wi-Fi/Mobile Network. Such network has direct impact on kids brain as well as on adults too.

The list can go on. But, follow all the above-mentioned tips regularly. Being consistent is everything. One last tip,  spend quality time with your kids as much as possible. In modern times, this is what really counts 🙂

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