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Adapt your home to fit your Health Needs – Preparing for the Older Generation

A fifth of people who are aged between 60 and 69 have made several changes to their home to prepare for their old age, as per a new survey in America. When you choose a specific place to live, you might have the freedom of giving a lot of weight to the appearance and size of your home.Healthy Seniors

But do you ever feel concerned about the safety factors which can help you live longer with ease as you age? Don’t you think that the attractive entryway or the tiled bathroom which inspired you when you were young can become an issue when you grow older? Don’t you think you need more recliner chairs now so that you can sit back and relax during your old age?

There’s good news that you can adapt your home according to your changing needs and plan ahead of time in order to save yourself from stress in the long run. Let’s take a look at some of the adaptations that you can do in order to fit your home according to your changing needs, especially during old age.


  • Bathrooms should be made easier to use

With old age, loss of balance and mobility can make it extremely difficult to bathe and wash. So, if you can level wet rooms or the showers, this would mean you wouldn’t have to worry about climbing all the side of the bath to get in and out. This can also be a viable solution for wheelchair users or for those who have someone to take care of.


  • All sorts of essential facilities should be shifted downstairs

With aging, you may develop a difficulty with stairs and hence it is always a good idea to think of shifting all the necessary facilities downstairs. Necessary facilities may include bedroom, kitchen and also bathroom. Although this can count as a major adaptation but you may still get in touch with an expert professional or an architect to confirm the level of safety of the adaptation.


  • Anything that may lead to fall hazards should be removed

Loose mats lying around, rugs and clutter can be possible trip hazards. In case you’ve developed a difficulty of moving around and you are using a wheelchair, you should rearrange furniture so as to make way for clear paths between rooms to make it easier. For someone suffering from dementia, you should remember the impact of shiny floors and designed carpets as they can mislead people suffering from the same.


  • Consider installing a stairlift

Enjoying the freedom of moving up and down the stairs whenever you feel like may seem to be something small for someone but it is indeed a large part of maintaining your independence and safety. For those who face difficulty in using stairs, installing stairlifts will seem to be an easier option.


  • Get mobility aid furniture

When you stay with aging parents who are old enough to move up and down the stairs, you know it’s time to invest in mobility aid furniture which can alleviate their stress of moving around. From recliner chairs to staircase lift, you get everything to help your aging mom and dad.

So, if you’re wondering about the ways in which you can adapt your home according to your changing health needs, consider following the above mentioned tips to stay safe and secured even after becoming old.


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