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An Industry Overview of e Cigarettes and Big Tobacco

Bloomberg predicts that e cigarette sales are likely to outsell cigarettes by 2047. This is good news for those trying to quit smoking and those who use e cigarettes as a smoking cessation aid. For example, in 2012, eight percent of adults in the US who smoked used e cigarettes to quit cigarettes. This is higher than smoking cessation patches at six percent, pills at five percent and gum at four percent.

This infographic outlines the rise of the e cigarette industry and contrasts it with the long and torrid history of the cigarette industry, from invention to present day.

The global tobacco industry is worth more than $700 billion and controlled by five private companies worldwide. China is home to the world’s largest number of smokers and Canada was the first country to introduce prominent graphic labelling on cigarette packaging in 2001. Tobacco kills 6 million people every year.

By contrast, the e cigarette industry hit global sales of $3 billion in 2013 and has grown from one manufacturer to 466 brands and 8,000 different flavours. 95 percent of e cigarettes are produced in Shenzhen, China. Oxford Dictionaries even announced the word ‘Vape’ as their ‘Word of the Year’ for 2014.

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E Cigs vs Big Tobacco Infographic

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