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Are electronic cigarettes/shisha pens actually effective in quitting smoking?

Quit Smoking with Vaping

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They’ve blown up in the media and are literally leaving their mark on the UK market place and around the world. Shisha pens, otherwise known as electronic cigarettes are deemed to be a healthier alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of skepticism in the media about how effective they really are and how much of a health benefit they can provide.

Numerous studies and research have indicated that they could have life prolonging benefits. The carcinogen chemicals associated with smoking are from the burning of tobacco, which causes a deterioration of long term health and a number of life threatening illnesses and diseases. Shisha pens/electronic cigarettes don’t contain those chemicals because rather than the burning of tobacco, a nicotine suspended liquid is heated, which produces a vapor. This vapor that replicates the look and feeling of smoke doesn’t actually contain all those nasty chemicals. This article even mentions about vaping while pregnant!

Shisha pens don’t contain tobacco but they do contain nicotine, which can be found at varying levels of strength. The solution that it’s suspended in is often propylene glycol, which is a food additive and is completely safe to consume. E-liquids come in various sizes and flavorings from tobacco to dessert flavors and you can find some really unusual flavors to try out! One of the strangest we found was peanut butter!

Millions of people have kicked the habit and started “vaping” as the term is now coined. Most people tend to start off with the highest strength e-liquid which is usually 24mg of nicotine and stagger themselves down until they reach 0mg, at the point where they’re no longer dependent on nicotine on a daily basis.

Smokers will often try electronic cigarettes over a short term period and then jump back to smoking as they feel it can’t be sustained. There will be initial teething periods because the nicotine enters the blood at a slower rate with vaping, as opposed to burning of tobacco, where nicotine enters the blood much faster and you feel the impact more prominently. If smokers can get past this phase and stick to vaping on a long term basis, the health benefits can be astounding if not life changing. We recommend giving it a firm try and not giving up!

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