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Stress Awareness Month 2018 – What is Stress and How to Handle it?

Stress Awareness Month is a month devoted to understanding the consequences of stress. During this month, health professionals public health experts work together to help promote awareness of how stress affects everyone, as well as discover ways on how to help reduce stress. Stress Awareness Month started in 1992, when attention was first brought to […]

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How To Burn Fat More Effectively? Everything You Should Know

We all want to be fit and look good, especially now that the winter is over and the summer is just around the corner. A lot of us will be wearing a lot less clothes and we want to make sure that we aren’t ashamed of our bodies. The best way to get fit is, […]

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Lexapro Escitalopram – My Personal Experience – How I Again Fell in Love with My Life?

After a few years, when I objectively look at those situations, I realize that maybe I should have started with therapies before, because Lexapro did a miracle, and literally saved my family and me from falling apart. In this article, I would like to share with you a difficult period of my life, and a […]

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30 Days Sober – Health Benefits of Alcohol Sobriety for a Month to Your Health

It is not a bad idea to quit drinking. Getting along with sobriety is not an easy thing. However, if you are successful in your endeavor, you are going to enjoy the huge benefits that come with it. Once you quit drinking the body will immediately react to it by going to the detox mode. […]

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What Causes Belly Cellulite? How to Get Rid of Stomach Dimples Naturally?

Ask any woman about the top three things about their body that they wish they could make disappear and there’s a big possibility that one of these will be cellulite. The reason for this is simple: over 90 percent of women are affected by cellulite in varying degrees. While many would naturally turn to cellulite removal […]

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How To Lose Weight With Low Carb High Fat Diet

A low carb diet has proven to be the most effective weight loss diet more than any other practice targeted at shedding excess weight, giving highly satisfactory results in record time. Your body, however fat and huge it may seem, is capable of burning fat. Amazing, isn’t it? It all depends on the types of […]

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Best Teavana Alternatives You Can Make At Home

Teavana is one of the most popular stores for tea lovers, but did you know you can make plenty of similar tea recipes at home? It’s actually quite simple to make your own tea with the right ingredients, and it tastes just as delicious. Tea has wonderful benefits for your physical and mental health, and […]

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HGH for Women Guide – How Much HGH Should a Woman Take?

In recent years, human growth hormone (HGH) has been given a lot to talk about, as studies indicate it can immensely aid in reducing body fat. As teens, this particular hormone is more present than when one is older, hence the need of a supplement aid. Many have questioned if HGH is safe. Since it […]

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Best Stretches to Help You Sleep Better Tonight

Sleep, remember that? It was that amazing rejuvenating thing we all used to do before we began streaming episodes of the new ‘unmissable’ Netflix series in bed until 4am. Thanks to countless studies we now known more than ever how good sleep is for our physical and mental health. Ironically however, just as we learn […]

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Stretching Exercises for Runners

Many people enjoy running as a way to stay fit and reduce stress. What many runners don’t understand is that stretching should be an integral part of their daily routine. Before exercise and immediately following, all athletes should perform stretching exercises for runners. Let’s take a closer look at why stretching is important and what […]

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