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How To Get The Nursing Job You Want

When you think of nurses, you may well have an image in your mind of blue-coated hospital staff tending to patients. But nursing professionals play a vital role in healthcare in all kinds of places, including GP surgeries, care homes, hospices, even prisons. If you’re looking to build a career in nursing then it’s important […]

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Steps to Take After a Loved One Passes Away

Surely we all know the feeling of losing a loved-one. Coming to terms with the emotions, memories, and often unexpected passing of a loved one can takes its toll on someone both emotionally and financially. It can cause the build-up of stress, anxiety, and for some families who didn’t plan ahead of time or have […]

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Always Make Sure You have Your Eyes Tested on a Regular Basis

For many men and women around the country, regular health checks are a fact of life. They have their hearts tested, along with issues such as their blood sugar levels, their lung capacity and their blood pressure readings. It is reassuring to know that we tend to focus more on preventative medicine rather than on […]

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5 Easy Ways You Can Keep Fit On A Budget

Keeping fit is something we all aspire to do. Whether it’s because we want to be able to slip into our favourite swimwear on holiday, or if we want to stay healthy and keep our weight down, exercise is a popular past time and part of the daily routine for many of us. For those […]

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Ebola victim ‘holding her own’

Pastor of an American missionary infected with Ebola updates her condition and discusses how her family is holding up. READ MORE Source: Ebola victim ‘holding her own’

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Robert Kennedy’s Dangerous Anti-Vaccine Activism

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is coming out with a new book that claims thimerosal in vaccines causes autism. This claim has been thoroughly discredited, but RFK Jr. believes that it’s all a big conspiracy and that he’s right. His crazy anti-vaccine views coupled with his fame make for an especially dangerous combination. READ MORE Source: […]

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Well: Ask Well: Exercise and Headaches

Readers ask: Can exercise cause headaches? READ MORE Source: Well: Ask Well: Exercise and Headaches

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Dad captures son’s birth on GoPro

OWWWWWW! Dad shoots curbside birth of his son on a GoPro. CNN’s Jeanne Moos reports he also catches the baby. READ MORE Source: Dad captures son’s birth on GoPro

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Talk: Carl Hart: ‘Crack Wasn’t the Real Problem’

The professor debunks the myths behind the “war on drugs.” READ MORE Source: Talk: Carl Hart: ‘Crack Wasn’t the Real Problem’

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7 Kitchen Items You Need to Replace to Protect Your Health

From cancer to stomach bugs, some kitchen staples can make you sick. > READ MORE Source : 7 Kitchen Items You Need to Replace to Protect Your Health

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