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Best Teavana Alternatives You Can Make At Home

Teavana is one of the most popular stores for tea lovers, but did you know you can make plenty of similar tea recipes at home? It’s actually quite simple to make your own tea with the right ingredients, and it tastes just as delicious. Tea has wonderful benefits for your physical and mental health, and it tastes amazing as well. It’s a great alternative to many other potentially unhealthy drinks such as coffee or soda, and it still satisfies that craving for a warm drink and even a bit of caffeine if you so choose.

It’s actually easier than you think to make your own tea blends at home, particularly if you have a loose leaf tea steeper. You can also buy empty tea bags online and make your own. Many of the ingredients in Teavana teas can be found at natural or health food stores. Part of the fun of making your own teas is that you can experiment with the types and the amounts of the ingredients to get just the right blend for your tastes. You can even start with a Teavana recipe and then adjust it to your own preferences. Here are some of the best Teavana replacements that you can make at home to save money.

Youthberry Tea

Teavana’s Youthberry tea is a refreshing and fruity white tea blend that you can replicate at home. It’s one of the most beloved Teavana teas, but it can be difficult to find. In essence, the tea consists of white tea leaves, candied mango and pineapple pieces, apple, rosehip, hibiscus, red currant, and acai. If you have the ability to make your own tea bags at home or you have a loose leaf steeper, you can combine these ingredients – most of which you can find at a local health food store – to create a homemade substitute. There are also many tea companies that make similar alternatives. David’s Tea, Iaso Tea, and The Tea Merchant make similar substitutes. When shopping for replacement teas, look for options that have the same combination of mango, pineapple, and apple for a similar flavor.

Berry Sangria Tea

This is a blend that has been popularized by Starbucks using Teavana tea blends. It’s very easy to make a similar drink at home that tastes just as delicious. To make this drink, you can use any popular blend of passion herbal tea. The key ingredient that creates the sweetness is a berry orange syrup, which is made by heating two parts orange juice, two parts blackberries, and one part sugar in a sauce pan. For the drink, start by cold brewing the passion tea, then add the berry orange syrup. Add half a cup of your favorite apple juice, and then finish off with a dash of lemon juice. If you’re serving this drink at a party, you can garnish it with whole blackberries.

Blueberry Bliss Tea

Another one of Teavana’s most popular teas is the Blueberry Bliss blend. The main ingredients in this tea are blueberry, green Rooibos tea, hibiscus, black currant, raisins, rosehip, and beet root pieces. The result is a rich yet fruity tea that works well both heated or iced. If you have a steeper, your can make this tea at home on your own. If you’re looking for an alternative to this tea, Adagio Teas and Plum Deluxe teas both of have options that are designed specifically to be good alternatives to this tea.

Maharaja Chai Oolong Tea

This is one of Teavana’s most popular classic teas. It’s a very soothing way to warm up and relax, but it can be difficult to find. To make your own blend, combine oolong tea, cinnamon, pieces of ginger, carob, and chickory root, and add pepper, nutmeg, cloves, and cardamom. This tea is strong, so you don’t need to steep for very long. This is a fun tea to make yourself, because you can experiment with the levels of spices to fit your own preferences.

These are just a few of the many popular Teavana teas that you can make at home. If you have a favorite tea you want to make that’s not listed here, try searching for the ingredients online. You’d be surprised at how accessible most of the Teavana tea recipes actually are.


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