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Black Period Blood Guide – Everything You Should Know

Menstrual period is one of the most significant things in a woman’s life.  That is why Black period blood or a simple change in one’s menstrual period can cause a lot of panic and stress. A particular change that every woman experiences all throughout her life is the color alterations of the blood discharge.

Discolorations of the blood discharge can mean and depict a lot of things especially in matters relating to the health conditions and lifestyle of the woman. Now,the most apparent color that is being worried by many people nowadays is the darkest one. More often than not, this is usually in dark brown color that can be likened to black. Hence, the black period blood.

What Is Black Period Blood?

As mentioned above, changes in the color of the blood discharge is very much normal to any woman. However, the ranges of color of the blood can tell you whether you are having health concerns and alike. In today’s healthcare system, there are actually 6 ranges of colors for blood discharge. From lightest pink to the darkest red, and from light brown to the darkest black. All of these colors apparently mean something that is related to your current health situation.

Black Period Blood

Usually, women get worried when they see black blood during their menstruation since black being associated to blood sometimes can be worrying, right?

The main reason why women experience black period blood is that it only means that the blood being discharged is already old and oxidized. Note that fresh blood appears to be bright red in color. When fresh blood flows and being discharged from the body, expects that the discharge is red. Hence, the main reason for having a black discharge is that the blood was already staying in the uterus for quite a long time before being discharged from the body.

Although there are other reasons and causes for this occurrence, this is basically the basis behind it.

Causes of Black Period Blood

Now, with the basis given – it is safe to say that you don’t need to worry when you see black blood discharge from your pads and undies. Nevertheless, you may want to know the causes behind. Essentially, knowing the causes may help you further understand why this certain event happens.

  • Delayed Menstrual Periods

The number one cause for black blood discharge is the delayed period. Although most women would panic and worry if they miss a day or two of their “normal” menstrual cycle, there is nothing to worry about this. Having delayed periods can be normal for every woman since the menstrual cycle is very much dependent on your way of living and lifestyle.

Accordingly, having delayed periods can result to black blood discharge since the blood already aged before being thrown out.

  • Retained Blood

Another factor that can cause black period blood is the retained menses in the uterus or vagina. It is either that the blood retained in the vagina since the hymen covers it completely which resulted for the blood to be retained inside or it can be retained in the uterus.

Additionally, narrowing of the cervix which is an apparent condition for older women can lead to retained menses.

  • Infection

If the black blood discharge have a very foul smell and being accompanied by an unbearable pain in the pelvic area, then it is possible that there is an infection. Now, the infection can be caused by two factors. First, infections that are transmitted through sexual intercourse. Secondly, infections that are caused by the overgrowth of the bacteria that is naturally occurring in the vagina.

  • Miscarriage

As for the untimely discharging of black blood, this could mean a miscarriage especially if you are pregnant or expecting to be. Note that you have to be very vigilant of any discharge out of your normal menstrual cycle since this can be an indicative of certain disease.

  • Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Moods and emotions can largely affect the menstrual cycle. Know that when a woman experiences a great deal of stress and anxiety attacks, the inner walls of the uterus becomes thinner. Accordingly, the thinning of the walls of the uterus eventually leads to the delayal of the shedding of the walls.

When this happens, the delayal of periods and cycles is very rampant. Hence, this goes back to the first cause given above.

Remedies and Medications

As for the remedies and medications needed, there are no actual and specific remedy to this but to go directly to your ob-gyn and doctor. Since there are a lot of possible causes to the black blood discharge during menstrual period, specific remedies and medications will only be given once the main causes are diagnosed.

Nevertheless, having these kinds of discharge is nothing to worry about. Hence, further medications and serious treatments are not necessary. However, if you are experiencing tremendous pain and other threatening symptoms, you may want to consult your doctor immediately.

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