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Boyanka Angelova – Someone should tell this girl that this can’t be done!

This is bulgarian gymnastic Boyanka Angelova in Torino ‘2008.

Here she is only 13 years old!

This video is old and she is actually 18 right now.

The video (uploaded by gippi singh) had over 8 million hits on Youtube in a matter of days…For this performance she received a silver medal. The golden medal go to the russian gymnastic Yana Lukonina. In my opinion Boyanka’s performance is much more better, remarkable and unbelievable than Yana’s one.

Go to the YouTube video titled “Yana Lukonina ball final EC Torino 2008” to see Yana’s gold-medal winning routine. Yana was great, but Boyanka was REALLY GREAT. Watch the video and decide for yourself if the judges made a mistake. I say they most certainly did!

Since 2010, however, the former CSKA athlete did not compete because of a back injury and failure recovery caused by previous injuries. Boyanka Angelova has not officially announced his retirement, but it is unclear when and if we return to the sport.

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