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Creating a Healthier Home: 5 Reasons You Should Change to E-Cigarettes Right Now

When you choose to light up in your home, it doesn’t just affect you, you’re making an unhealthy decision for your family. It’s not new information, you’ve heard it before. The difference is, now there really is a better alternative – electronic cigarettes! Here are 5 reasons you should swap the lighter for the liquid.

Take a Deep Breath

Lung health is a major concern for smokers. It’s the one that doctors drone on about and that they plaster pictures of in all the ads. It’s one thing inflicting tobacco on your own health, but in a family home, second hand smoke can have lasting damage on the rest of the family. According to an expert independence evidence review, published in August 2015 by Public Health England, E-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. Finding breathing more difficult than you used to? Struggling to make it up the stairs? Remove the tobacco and you’re taking at least one positive step toward a healthier home.

Say Goodbye to Bad Odors

A non smoker can identify a smoker’s house as soon as they step over the threshold. The stench clings to every fabric it can reach: carpets, curtains, couches and everyone’s clothes. Vaping doesn’t have the same effect, it’s light vapor has a temporary scent which doesn’t linger in your hands and your hair. Switch cigarettes to up your house hygiene and make it a nicer place for everyone to be. You may have gone nose blind but it doesn’t mean everyone else has.

Don’t Get Burned

If you have small children, keeping lighters at an arms length from them can be difficult, especially when you can’t even remember how many times you smoked today, let alone where you put one down. Then there are the avoidable house fires when lighters and cigarettes are used carelessly. Keep little fingers and families safe by choosing an alternative that doesn’t require an open flame. E-cigarettes heat the e liquid internally so pose far less of a risk.

Take Out the Tr-ASH

Ash trays littering the house are ugly, smell bad, and a messy accident waiting to happen. Of course the alternative is a patio covered in cigarette butts and I’m honestly not sure which is worse. The beauty of e-cigarettes is that even the disposable kind causes far less mess. The reusable version barely causes any waste at all and only needs parts changing about once a month – win for your waste production and your wallet!

Cold Hard Cash

Once you’ve addressed all of the obvious health benefits, the bottom line is smoking is expensive! Whilst E-cigarettes are still an expense, the cost is far less. They come in two varieties: disposable and reusable. Even the disposable ones last far longer than an ordinary tobacco cigarette, but if you really want more bang for your buck, choose reusable and simply replace your e-juice. Whether it’s a new TV or a vacation, use the money you’d save in a year to treat yourself and your family, you deserve it!

So, forget standing out in the rain for a miserable cigarette, make a great healthy choice for everyone!

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