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No Dentist? No Problem! Whitening Your Teeth With a Kit is Safer Than Ever Before

It’s no myth that using “do it yourself” teeth whitening kits can save you a ton of money versus going to the dentist for the same procedure. But are these kits safe? Do they really work?
In short, yes they are, and yes they do. Many of the warnings about these kits have been propagated by the dental community itself–a community which, for obvious reasons, would prefer you go to the dentist and hand over a large sum of money to have your teeth made brighter–and have been based on mishaps that were caused by people using the kits improperly. The fact is that many quality teeth whitening kits contain the exact same sort of ingredients your dentist would use, and often contain them in a lower concentration, making them overall less potentially dangerous or damaging. Like with any skilled procedure, you simply have to know what you are doing beforehand, and rule out any potential risk factors.

How do I know if teeth whitening kits and gels are right for me?

The first thing to consider is the quality of your teeth. Many people have made the mistake of applying bleach to broken or decayed teeth, even though it should be obvious that isn’t the best idea. If you have deep cavities, the bleach from any whitening procedure (at home or at your dentist’s) can damage the blood vessels, nerves, and the bone at the root of the tooth. If you lack deep cavities, however, the bleach is harmless and will not injure your mouth, or even sting. Even if you have sensitive teeth, safe and painless kits are now available for at-home bleaching.
You also have to be aware that any whitening treatment will not whiten fillings or other dental work, so you have to pay attention to what you are doing in order to wind up with an even overall appearance. Check the progress of each treatment after it’s completed to make sure that your natural teeth aren’t becoming whiter than your fillings or crowns.

If your teeth are healthy enough to bleach, the next vital step is choosing a quality kit.

Not all whitening kits are created equal. Some have ill-fitting moulds and/or require the product to be left on overnight, which increases the risk of swallowing some of the bleach (a fast way to wind up with a nasty stomach-ache!), and some kit manufacturers have cut corners by using lower-quality ingredients (which may either under-perform and fail to whiten, or contain harsh chemicals that can damage your teeth).

If you’re not sure where to begin in finding the right kit, websites such as offer a wide range of quality teeth whitening kits and gels. Developed in Europe, all of their products have passed through strict EU regulations, and are identical in nature to the gels that are used by dentists in everything but price. All of their teeth whitening products come with full instructions, easy to use no-risk moulds, and need be applied for only an hour a day–so there’s no risk of swallowing any product in your sleep. Their kits and gels will not damage tooth enamel, and they provide a range of products to accommodate people with sensitive teeth as well.
Once you have the right kit, whitening you teeth at home is a no-risk, hassle-free, inexpensive way to get a brilliant smile in only 6 or 7 short treatments.

English: Common Teeth Whitening Items Found In...

English: Common Teeth Whitening Items Found In Many Take Home Kits (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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