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Diet Adjustments Reduce the Risk of Dying from Prostate Cancer by 60%

Prostate cancer is not a trifle, but that does not mean that it always leads to the patient’s death – far from it. Αs we speak, almost 3 million men in U. S. A. are managing to treat and recover from their prostate cancer. If you are a prostate cancer patient yourself, or have a close friend or relative afflicted with that type of cancer, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to enhance chances of recovery besides the necessary prostate cancer treatment.

Prostate cancer

Well, according to a new study, there is. Its findings revealed that diet adjustments can significantly reduce the chances of dying from prostate cancer. When fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fishes, beans and legumes dominate the man’s everyday meals, prostate cancer related death becomes an ever more distant possibility.


One of the leading minds behind this specific research, J. Chavarro, admitted that, for the time being, physicians are not in a position to direct prostate cancer patients towards specific lifestyle options in order to improve their survival chances. But, the conclusion of his research clearly suggests that heart – healthy dietary patterns can indeed benefit prostate cancer patients by lowering the possibility of a prostate cancer related death.


Researchers currently working for the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, questioned 926 different non-metastatic prostate cancer patients regarding their diet habits during the last 5 years. Because prostate cancer in general progresses rather slowly and not so aggressively, the scientists participating in this research tried to ascertain whether dietary patterns or other lifestyle options affected the diagnosis in any way at all.


Researchers noticed that patients and men consuming a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fishes, beans and several types of legumes had strikingly 36 % less chances of dying from any cause whatsoever, not just from prostate cancer. On the contrary, men adopting a typical western diet, rich in raw and processed red meat as well as high – fat foods, faced 2.5 fold greater danger of dying specifically from prostate cancer, and a staggering 67 % higher risk of death in general.


Consuming smaller amounts or no processed food at all by replacing it with fruits, vegetables and fishes is admittedly good not just for your heart, but also for the rest of your vital organs. The so called “Mediterranean diet” has justifiably been credited by the scientific world with numerous and multifaceted health benefits and it proves also in this study the best possible option for anyone striving to prevent the development of prostate cancer, or recover from it.


60 % reduced prostate cancer death risk simply by changing our diet!

Can this be true? According to recent studies, yes it is. By replacing your hamburgers and hot dogs with equally tasty fishes and by adding nuts, seeds, and avocados to your daily dishes, you can give your body the boost it desperately needs. Scientists from the University of California have concluded a relevant study that similarly examined the association of dietary patterns with the development of prostate cancer.  They followed 4,577 prostate cancer patients for almost 25 years (namely from 1986 to 2010) and asked participants to substitute just a minor 10 % of their everyday consumption of carbohydrates and animal fats with less damaging vegetable fats. They discovered that this minor dietary adjustment reduced their chances of dying because of prostate cancer by 29 %.


According to the research’s lead author E. L. Richman, preferring healthy oils and nuts can increase plasma antioxidants and at the same time reduce insulin and inflammations – developments that could prevent prostate cancer growth.


Participants who had included just one tablespoon of olive oil-based dressing and balsamic vinegar lowered their mortality risk by 13 %, besides the 29 % lowered death risk linked to prostate cancer complications.  The addition of one ounce (or about 28 grams) of nuts every day was linked with 18 % reduced chances of dying because of prostate cancer, and to an 11 % lower risk of untimely dying generally.


The combination of these dietary adjustments could reduce the overall risk of dying from prostate cancer as much as 60 %. It’s worth trying, isn’t it?

Constantina Constantinou is a content writer for Dr David B Samadi’s Institute of Robotic Surgery at the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus.

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