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Prostate cancer

Diet Adjustments Reduce the Risk of Dying from Prostate Cancer by 60%

Prostate cancer is not a trifle, but that does not mean that it always leads to the patient’s death – far from it. Αs we speak, almost 3 million men in U. S. A. are managing to treat and recover from their prostate cancer. If you are a prostate cancer patient yourself, or have a […]

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Get your homemade energy boost at Christmas

Christmas is often a busy time, particularly when you have little ones to entertain. You want to make it as fun and special for them as you possibly can do for them, without running yourself into the ground. You will probably be familiar with the Christmas Eve routine of sneaking around the house after your […]

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3 Great Christmas Cakes Suitable for Vegetarian and Vegan Friends

With the winter suddenly coming over hard and fast, people will start preparing for the holiday season by getting their trees up, putting up decorations throughout the house and playing Christmas songs all day every day. Everyone gets excited around Christmas time, as people start planning for the big day when everyone receives presents, or […]

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Fad Diets

5 Effective Ways To Stay Fit And Strong During The Holidays

The Holiday season is here and with it comes the season to be happy, thankful, and most of all stuffed! Speaking of stuffed some fitness enthusiasts actually don’t like the season as it often derails them from their current training routine. Depending on where you are, the gyms might be closed due to heavy snowfall, the weather […]

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3 Eating Mistakes that Can Lead to Weight Gain

It can be hard to break old habits and this can be a bad thing when it comes to your weight-loss efforts. Nobody is perfect though. According to Dietitian Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RD, LD of the Weight Loss Clinic, recognizing our bad eating habits will empower us. Then it will be simpler to break them. […]

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Gain weight Foods

Tips On Food And Supplements To Increase Weight

  Everybody wants to have a beautiful body that they can flaunt off. Body type has an effect on the personality of the person. Being underweight or overweight will have an effect on the personality of the person. A person can be thin for many reasons. Hypothriod, anorexia, stress as well as many more things […]

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Eat lots of Salad to lose Weight

How Much Salad Should I Eat To Lose Weight

We all know that salad is good for us and it is a vital part of any healthy diet, but just how much do you need to eat to lose weight? Dr. Berg tells you everything you need to know about eating salad and the likelihood is you will need to increase your salad intake […]

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Surprising Benefits of a Colorful Diet

  A healthy and colorful diet is suggested by every dietician and a physician. A healthy diet certainly does not include specific but rather a wide range of nutritious foods. A body needs an appropriate amount of nutrients to help your body grow healthier and if taken too much or too low, it can lead […]

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Eleven Slimming Foods You Should Be Eating

A healthy diet for weight loss is not living off minimal food, it’s about understanding nutrition, what your body needs and how to ensure you’re getting your intake of essential vitamins and nutrients. At the end of the day, the key to fitness isn’t a magical cure or pill, its exercise and healthy eating. Try […]

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Juice for weight loss

3 Amazing Fruit Juices For Weight Loss

Fruit juices are popularly used by people who are trying to lose weight. The good thing about fruit juices is that they provide essential nutrients while giving your body the chance to lose those extra pounds. If you have been trying a lot of diet programs and you are not getting the results that you […]

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