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Shape Up & Be Healthy in 2015

It’s a popular New Year’s Resolution that we all make at some point; be healthier in the New Year and why not? The end of the year you’re laying down old bad habits and picking up new good behaviors. Still this is almost always easier said than done. People are creatures of habit and if […]

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3 week diet

3 Week Diet Review: Why Rapid Weight Loss Can Work For You

It’s a little-known secret that you can effectively lose weight just as fast as you put it on—in mere weeks—with the right combination of foods and exercise… (my 3 Week Diet Review) Have you ever cheated on a diet? You’re not alone. Most people find it very difficult to adhere to long months of being […]

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Tips For Beating The Holiday Bulge

With the holiday season upon us, and Christmas only a couple weeks away, it’s time you begin to relax, unwind and take the much-needed vacation you’ve been working so hard towards all year. Time for you to share in special moments with friends and family, participate in virtuous acts of giving, and best of all, […]

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5 Cheap & Healthy Ways to a Muscle Building Diet

More Muscle, Less Expenditure: Cheap But Healthy Ways to Build Up Struggling to bulk up your muscle mass? Some people gain weight with ease. For others, it’s not quite so simple. You can spend all day lifting in the gym, but if your diet isn’t conducive to building muscle, it won’t work. It’s like building […]

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With our increasingly stressful day to day lives, problems such as sleep apnoea and insomnia are becoming more common. New technology and deeper research has afforded us many solutions to cure or prevent these sleeping problems, but the newest discovery in sleep research is that our diet can have an effect on our sleeping pattern. […]

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Go Green And Be Healthy

Some foods can help lessen inflammation and complement the action of some weight controlling hormones, suppress appetite and keep a good blood sugar level. These foods consist of vegetables, fruits, oily fish, whole grains, nuts, seeds, spices, and herbs. All of these can be used for one green diet smoothie or begin with the green […]

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How Veganism Can Change Your Skin

Going vegan can have various effects on your health. Changes to your diet can directly affect the quality, look, feel and health of your skin. So what do you get when you cut out chocolate milk and rib-eyes? Does veganism guarantee good skin? Let’s look at some of the ways switching to a vegan diet […]

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Adults 50 And Over: Exercise And Diet Tips For Seniors

A number of health problems that people associate with growing old are usually not due to aging at all. Instead, the physical decline is because of the increased inactivity. In fact, deaths due to heart disease could possibly be lowered if individuals over the age of 50 participated in mild, regular exercise. In addition to […]

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Fat Burning Diet Foods – Lose weight eating correctly!

You hear the word diet and your mind conjures up images of you feeling starved and weak due to the hunger fests that diets bring along with them. But if you only knew what a proper and healthy diet consisted of, you wouldn’t be dreading the idea of shedding those unwanted pounds. A proper fat […]

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Get a Better Body with a Proper Diet

Do you have a desire to shed unwanted pounds and get a better and attractive body? If yes, then you will have to monitor your diet consistently until you achieve your desired goals. I must say, you must never starve to lose weight. By starving, you will get weaker and your body will not have […]

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