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The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Invisible Braces

Gone are the days of unsightly metal braces that most people hated. Today’s invisible braces are hands down the best orthodontic treatment for those looking to correct misaligned and crooked teeth. And these invisible aligners offer myriads of benefits over traditional metal braces.

Benefits of Wearing Invisible Braces

  • They are incredibly comfortable and pleasant to wear
  • Invisible braces are easy to maintain and use. You just have to clean and rinse with clean, cold water, and brush/floss after every meal.
  • They offer much better oral hygiene than metal braces. The chances are that food particles will get stuck in metal braces. With invisible aligners, that’s a thing of the past.
  • They are virtually invisible. Enjoy an original smile that isn’t obstructed by metals.
  • They are quite effective. With time, these invisible braces will gradually correct your teeth into a perfect position.

If you are already using invisible braces or you’re thinking of using them for a brighter and better smile, there are a few things you ought to know about wearing and taking care of them. These 10 dos and don’ts of wearing invisible aligners will ensure that you spruce up your dental health as well as straighten your teeth. Don’t get me wrong; wearing invisible braces doesn’t mean that you have to change your lifestyle and habit drastically, but these tips will certainly come in handy.

The Dos of Wearing Invisible Braces

#1. Do Remove Them when Eating
It is always wise to remove your invisible aligners before you eat. It’s part of wearing braces 101. What about if you don’t want to remove them when drinking? According to orthodontics professionals, it is best to use a straw when you need to drink something while wearing your braces. It’ll improve the drinking experience and avoid staining of the braces.

#2. Do Wear Invisible Braces as per Amount of Time Prescribed by Preston Orthodontics
It is crucial that you wear your invisible aligners according to the dentist’s prescribed schedule. Oftentimes that means wearing them up to a maximum of between 20 and 22 hours per day. If you wear them longer, you risk causing an excessive buildup of saliva and gems.

Ideally, the invisible braces should be worn all day and night, even while you are sleeping. However, they should be removed when drinking and eating. Remember your invisible aligners will not straighten your teeth if they are not in constant contact with your biters. That means you’ve always got to wear them. It only turns out the recommended time is around 22 hours for optimal results.

#3. Do Brush Your Teeth after Eating or Drinking, and Before Inserting Braces
You need to brush and perhaps floss your teeth every time you eat or drink. It is imperative to keep your teeth healthy before inserting back the invisible braces. Unless you drank pure water, you should give your teeth a thorough cleaning. The last thing you want is for food particles and drinks strains to be stuck between your teeth and your braces. This can cause tooth decays, cavities, and even plaque.

#4. Do Tuck Away Your Invisible Braces in their Case when Not in Use
It is somewhat laughable that some people store their invisible braces in a paper towel or napkin when eating or drinking. This can cause insurmountable damage to the plastic, including causing cracks. So, when eating your lunch or having your favorite snack, be sure to keep your braces in their carry case that came with the kit. This way, you can rest assured they are intact and safe from pets who love playing with them.

#5. Do Clean Your Braces Regularly
For best results, it is recommended that you rinse your invisible braces in clean, cold water whenever you remove them. You should also give them a thorough cleaning using the kit provided by your Preston Orthodontics. If you no longer have the package, you can gently clean them using a soft-bristled toothbrush with a little antibacterial soap. This is the best way to get your braces clean.

The Don’ts of Wearing Invisible Braces

#1. Don’t Worry about the Slight Pain and Discomfort in the First Few Days
You should know what to expect from wearing your invisible braces as a first-time user. Just like any other orthodontic treatment, invisible braces do cause a little discomfort after you start wearing them for the first few days. It is only natural, and it often takes a certain amount of pressure to straighten your teeth. Your Preston orthodontics can recommend an OTC analgesic to help relieve any discomfort and pain.

#2. Don’t Clean your Braces with Toothpaste
Contrary to common belief, regular toothpaste isn’t ideal for cleaning invisible braces or clear aligners. Why? It so happens that regular toothpaste is abrasive and can leave scratches on your invisible braces. Alternatively, you can use a bit of antibacterial soap to get rid of bacterial build-up and clean the plastic.

#3. Don’t Handle Your Braces with Dirty Hands
Yes, it is a no-brainer, but you need to be careful when handling your invisible braces. The last thing you want is to leave dirt stains and marks on your clear braces. Dirt will ruin your smile and perhaps invite bacteria that cause plaque.

#4. Don’t Drink Coloured Drinks while Wearing your Braces
Again, remove your braces while drinking and eating. This is especially so when consuming sauces, fruits, and flavoured drinks. This staining food stuff can do extreme harm to your braces, as they leave their stains and colour on them. You can only drink water with your braces on.

#5. Don’t Overlook Breakages
Braces occasionally become too loose or break even if you’re too careful. If that happens, don’t hesitate to contact your dentist to get them fixed.

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