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Floss, Foods, and Fluoride: Simple Steps for Keeping Your Mouth Strong and Healthy for Life

A healthy smile does a lot in making an impression and providing us with confidence. However, a great mouth does not come naturally. It takes work and care to ensure a healthy smile. Floss, foods, and fluorides are associated to the do’s and don’ts of dental care. Here’s how to make your mouth healthy for life.

Stay Away from Sugary Foods


Some sugar is okay for the body yet today’s foods are stocked with a lot. Be sure that you’re checking the labels of preferred foods and drinks. Unfortunately, if it tastes good, it doesn’t mean it’s good for your mouth. Also, be wary of times you’re in a rush or when grabbing for ‘diet’ or ‘health’ food. For example, ‘energy’ drinks are loaded with unneeded sugars.

Put that Cigarette Out

People have smoked for decades. Why do so many do something so harmful for so many years despite catalogs of convincing evidence against it? Most of the really harmful damage comes after years of use. In the short term, cigarettes make mouths dirty and stinky while yellowing the teeth. Such a fate is not as bad as heart disease or lung cancer. But, if you’re serious about keeping your mouth and entire body healthy, then you’ll never smoke a cigarette or chew tobacco.

Stop Forgetting to Floss

When was the last time you flossed? If you did after your last meal, then you’re doing a great job. But most of us struggle to remember. It involves more effort than brushing yet some people don’t even brush correctly. Therefore, it’s good to keep your floss next to your toothbrush. Also, there’s no shame in reviewing online material or asking your doctor about the best way to brush and floss.

Take the Extra Step

Survey available tools at your local grocery and drugstore. Take the extra step in buying accessories that help free built up tartar. Get at-home WhiterSmile bleach kits. Also, take your supplies with you to the office, when staying at a friend’s house for the night, or when going on a trip for work. A better mouth and healthier style demands a lifestyle change.

Brush Your Tongue and Mouth

brush teeth

The toothbrush is responsible for more than cleaning your teeth. Bacteria breeds on your tongue and inside of the mouth. It’s one reason why some people have chronic bad breath despite being diligent in brushing each day. Start brushing your tongue along with the top and sides of your mouth. Bacteria builds there and makes for a foul odor and awful taste. Brushing your entire mouth makes it feel clean and fresh.

Get Regular Check-Ups

The dentist is there for you to see every six months. And that’s for those with totally healthy mouths. Don’t wait until you have a pain or something goes wrong with your teeth. Get regular check-ups and cleanings. Ask your dentist what procedures are covered by your insurance. For example, you may want to supplement regular cleanings with a whitening session.

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