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Are Hair Tonics a Solution to Thinning Hair and Hair Loss?

In this modern era, hair loss is a significant health issue for both men and women. In fact, hair loss and thinning hair is a more sensitive issue for men throughout time. There are multiple reasons responsible for baldness in men and women. However, read the primary reason for hair loss in men and women mentioned below:

  • Primary Reason for Hair Loss in Men

The primary reason for baldness in men is the presence of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body. DHT is a sex hormone in the male that is responsible for male characteristics in a man. Men who face the issue of continuous hair fall have increased levels of DHT in their scalp.

  • Primary Reason for Hair Loss in Women

The hair is a crowning beauty of a woman. Unfortunately, this beauty may fall or thin due to multiple factors such as stress, pregnancy, medication, diet deficiency, and the strain on the follicles due to tight hairstyles and fatigue.

  • Solution to Hair Loss:

Eating a diet rich in protein usually restores hair to its original condition in a couple of weeks. However, if thinning hair happens due to tight hairstyles, then finding a new hairstyle or getting yourself a new haircut will reduce the strain on hair follicles. Also, it will allow your hair to recover soon.

  • Benefits of Hair Tonics:

A few decades ago, hair tonics were popular in styling hair, but nowadays products such as gel, serums and mousse have replaced the hair tonics. These artificial products are scantily available at salons and drug stores, for the die-hard fans. These products not only result in hair loss but also responsible for hair thinning. To fight with such harsh products, the concept of hair tonics have also changed. Now the hair tonics are made to perform more functions than giving hair a shiny appearance. In spite of holding hair in a place, modern-day tonics contain ingredients which combat hair loss and thinning. Hair tonics strengthen weak hair and makes them more bouncy. They also provide vital ingredients which boost hair growth by reviving follicles.

Some hair tonics which are recommended to reduce hair loss and a solution to thinning hair are:

  • RF80: RF 80; a patented plant-based formula enriched with plant peptides and vitamins is a practical solution for treating thin and weak hair. It restores the nutrition of scalp to give hair a volume and shine. Use it once a week for twelve weeks for the best results. After cleaning the scalp, apply it evenly to each part then massage the scalp to aid blood circulation.
  • Dr Wolff Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffeine Tonic: Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffeine Tonic is one of the best solutions for women who have reached their menopause. It is specially designed to treat hair loss in women. It contains caffeine derived from plant-based sources which stimulate hair follicles to increase the hair growth rate. As hormones are the prime reason for menopause in women, Plantur 39 Caffeine tonic provides hormonal balance to the hair and scalp. The hair tonic is too mild to use it every day. Instead of treating hair loss and a solution to thinning hair, it also manages scalp problems such as oily scalp and itching. Also, it is safe to use this tonic for female pattern baldness.

Tips for Healthy HairBoth RF80 and Dr Wolff Plantur 39 Caffeine tonics are one of the best solutions to combat thinning hair and hair loss. However, for women in the menopause or suffering from other hormone-related hair loss such as female pattern baldness, the manufacturer recommends using Plantur 39 Caffeine shampoo regularly because Caffeine counteracts the effects of testosterone on hair follicles.

Whereas, RF80 is more suitable for strengthening weak and thinning hair. The manufacturer suggests using this product once a week for twelve weeks. Each dose comes in a phial, so there is no risk of using too much. For the best results, apply this tonic after washing your hair with the RF Follicle Stimulating shampoo which contains microbeads to remove dead cells on the scalp and unclogging follicles gently.

  •    Right Methodology to Apply Hair Tonics for the Best Results

For the best results, apply hair tonics to a clean scalp.  Also, use them as per the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Always massage the tonic into the scalp because it helps to evenly distribute the tonic to the entire scalp while stimulating blood circulation. Do not apply too much tonic because it will leave your hair greasy. Moreover, it messes with your clothing.

So, the article gives you a bright idea about hair tonics and hair problems. Also, it is an answer to the question that hair tonics a beneficial solution for hair loss and thinning hair.

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