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Health Advice for the Busy Business Executive

If you are one of the business executives looking for how to increase your energy, performance, stay active and healthy, reducing stress with a few simple daily practices. This guide is for you.You can’t think very and be creative if you don’t have a routine health practices.

As employees, business owners, business executives and CEOs,sometimes you can even forget that you have to take care of yourself. Your body needs care and attention in order to function properly.

Pursuing a healthy lifestyle not only will benefit you but also your business in a long run since healthy people tend to live longer, happier and more productive.

  • Take a few deep breaths and stay connected. 

It is important you take deep breaths during the day, allow the breath to go into your diaphragm. Try a few moments of pause during the day and taking at least one cleansing breath during that break. It helps to relax your mind and body even reduces stress.

Social connections can strengthen your immune system, lower rates of anxiety and depression and improve our self-esteem. Connecting with people makes you happy which in turn keep you healthy. Get out of your office and give your employees some face time.


  • Dominate your travel by taking snacks along and limit your alcohol intake.

You have travelling schedules, meaning you are constantly in and out of airports, to maximize your productivity and energy during these business trips. Don’t take alcohol, champagne or wine in the airport lounge.

Stick with wateror every alcohol you have, Drink a glass of water because alcohol dehydrates, lowers inhibitions and increases your appetite.

Take simple and healthy snacks along it keeps you satiated, prevent succumbing to poor quality airport food and will make a world of difference in how you feel.


  • Eat fruits and vegetables everyday

Eating 2 to 3 servings of fruit and 5 to 7 servings of vegetables each day keeps you active and healthy. Think colorful, fresh and local! Be sure to eat lots of greens (Swiss chard, spinach).

People who eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables have a significantly lower risk for cancer, hypertension, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. It helps in weight management which helps to manage your life, treat your team to some fresh fruit at your next meeting.


  • Start your day right, don’t skip meals; don’t rely on coffee

When you eat breakfast, it sustains your energy levels and manages your sugar level. If possible schedule business dinners earlier during the day to avoid consuming high-calorie meals right before bedtime.

Skipping meals can lead to unstable blood sugar levels. But your brain needs a constant supply of glucose to function properly. Have some healthy snacks on hand, such as nuts or seeds with a piece of fruit, to help keep you going if you have many meetings to attend.

Coffee dehydrates you and increases the risk of blood sugar irregularities. Your liver is the body’s detoxifying organ and if overloaded, your chances for disease, sluggishness and weight gain will increase.


  • Avoid white processed, package and refined Foods

Most of the package and refined foods are loaded with excess sugar, sodium, stabilizers and preservatives.

White flour foods are all processed; the good fiber and nutrients are significantly reduced. Enjoy whole grain breads, pastas, brown rice and whole grains like quinoa, wild rice, millet.


  • Stay Hydrated

The trick to this is fill three one-litre bottles of water at the start of the day and keeps them on your desk. By the end of the day, they should all be empty.

At least eight glasses of water a day will keep your energy levels high, your hunger down, your digestion smooth and your concentration sharp.

Multiple studies now indicate dehydration can lower productivity dramatically, increase stress hormones, create poor eating habits and hamper your body’s ability to burn fat.

Try and drink room temperature water because cold water increases gastrointestinal contraction and slows digestion down.


  • Take a good multivitamin and Supplement

No matter how you eat a balanced diet, your nutrition profile is not complete. Due to environmental toxins, poor soil quality, work and life stresses, you may not get the appropriate nutrients in your diet.

A good multivitamins and supplements is a must for you, get a B-complex vitamin (for stress, metabolism and healthy immune system). Look for fish oil (EFA) supplement to keep your brain function high, digestion smooth, stress down, inflammation down, appetite controlled and leaner, fitter physique.

Discuss with your nutritionist on what multivitamins and supplement would be best to add to your diet to keep you at optimal health and energy.


  • Exercise efficiently at least 20 minutes daily

To achieve optimal body composition, you need exercise. It is impossible for you to carve out time for an hour-long workout. Create a short time for your daily exercise even with your very busy schedule is crucial to maintain a healthy body and a bright mind.

Try to keep at least a minimum of 25 minutes workout sessions in a daily basis. You can do this early in the morning before going to work, after lunch or after work. Walking, squatting, push-ups, dancing, yoga or swimming can be beneficial, relaxing workouts.


  • Master and control your meal portion ; don’t overeat and eat healthy fresh meals

I know that you don’t have time to count calories, or deal with complicated nutrition plans. But you need to master portion and content of your meal. Eat until you are ‘sufficiently sufficed’, if you are still hungry after 10 minutes, then have a little bit more.

Overeating can cause weight gain, even though you are eating healthy foods. It also slows down digestion and can lead to more serious problems like irritable bowel syndrome and diabetes.

Anything like fresh, local, gourmet, calorie-controlled foods will help you to control your weight without gaining any extra. Your business lunch and dinners can be a tremendous threat to your weight goal. You can pick a healthy restaurant around your office at least you will have low-calorie options. 


  • Sleep very well or improve the quality of your sleepInsomnia Tips

You deprived yourself from sleeping, trying to get enough sleep is not going to happen but you can improve the quality of sleep. The strategy is you eat carbohydrate s later in the day and opt for protein meals earlier in the day.

Carbohydrate heavy meals in the evening can actually help trigger the relaxing hormone ‘serotonin’, helping with the ability to fall and stay asleep at night.Schedule your sleeping hours the way you schedule your important meetings. 7-8 hours is the right time.

You will notice that you not only feel better but you will also perform better at work. Avoid exposure to blue light from computers, tablets, smart phones and television in the hour or two before bed.


Final Verdict

All the health tips explained above are very easy to implement into your life, regardless of how busy you are or your tight schedules. Just remember that the key to a healthy and balanced life starts with decision and dedication.


Regular check-ups; do not compromise your regular check-ups! Early detection is the key to prevent any medical conditions starting from heart diseases, cancer and many more. Make sure you put this in your very busy schedule to keep you active and healthy for your daily business activities.

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