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Health and Wellness Awareness: Dealing With Multiples

When it comes to health and wellness, you’ll often find that problems aren’t simple to solve because they end up not being single problems. Rather, they’re in multiples. In other words, more than one thing is wrong at the same time, which makes diagnosis and treatment easily more than twice as hard.



To understand some of the ramifications of this, consider the topics of dual diagnosis, mixing physical and emotional states, being a parent and an individual simultaneously, managing home and work life together, and doing something that involves multiple stresses like moving to a new location and looking for a new job at the same time.


Understanding Dual Diagnosis

Especially when it comes to addiction, you can end up having to deal with dual diagnosis efforts. And because drugs and alcohol are involved with simultaneously dealing with some type of mental illness, the recovery process can take quite a bit longer, and be more complicated when it comes to rehab techniques and processes.


Mixing Physical and Emotional States

And have you ever noticed that you feel more depressed when you’re not active? When it comes to health and wellness, the body and the mind are
connected more than you might think. Sometimes the easiest way to get out of a mild depression is to go for a run.


And sometimes the best way to feel like running is to shake yourself out of a bad mood with a fun mental exercise. So though one may drag the other down, one may also drag the other back up!


Being a Parent and an Individual

And being a parent doesn’t mean you’re just a parent. You have to keep some sense of identity as well, and that’s extremely hard on some people.

Father Feeling Depressed At Baby's Mealtime

There’s a lot of depression that occurs in new moms and dads as they try to find out how they can be the same person that they used to be, while also ushering a new person into the world.


Managing Home Life and Work Life

And there’s also the didacticism of being one person at home and another person at work. When it comes to stress in the health and wellness spectrum, there are entirely different things to deal with in those two places, so if there’s any crossover, it can catch people off guard and make them feel like they’re out of control.


Moving To a New Location For a New Job

And another case where there are multiple stressors at the same time is when you move to a new location and look for a job at the same time. Not only do you have to deal with new friends and geography, you also have to join an entirely new workforce, so systemically, you have to handle them both individually and simultaneous to stay healthy.

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