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The Health Benefits of Drinking Water – Infographic

It’s an annual tradition that every January more and more outlandish miracle health stories are released – championing everything from the tapeworm diet to getting stung by bees to reduce inflammation . In all this confusion, it may be that people overlook the simpler, less headline-grabbing health tips, like simply drinking more water!

Our bodies  are made up of between 57-60% water, so it’s extremely important to replenish water levels through drinking liquids and eating certain foods. However, many of us don’t drink enough water missing out on a number of short and long-term health benefits that come from staying adequately.

The infographic below has been supplied by water filter supplier Aqua Cure and goes through the health benefits of drinking water – let it inspire you to a more hydrated 2018!

The Health Benefits of Staying Hydrated Infographic

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