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Healthy Ways To Prepare For A Road Trip

When it comes to getting ready to take a road trip, most people simply focus on the driving safety aspect of the trip, but you also want to make sure that you are prepared for your own safety. Anything can happen while you’re on the road, from a breakdown to weather disasters. You want to make sure you’re ready for anything.

That’s really not as hard to do as it may sound. Start by making sure that your car is ready for the drive you plan to take, then make sure you have on hand what you need, just in case. Always be prepared.

Know What To Do In Case Of An Accident Or Breakdown

Just because you got the tires and fluids checked before you hit the road doesn’t mean nothing will happen with your vehicle. Breakdowns happen. Make sure that you have a spare tire, and make sure you have a charged cell phone to call a tow truck. It also helps to keep a stock of some of the fluids your vehicle needs on hand, like oil and coolant.

Accidents can also happen. Even if you’re in control of your own vehicle, you don’t have any control over someone else’s. Know what to do in case of an accident to keep you and your family safe and healthy.

Take Some Food And Water With You

It’s always healthy and wise to have some shelf stable foods and some water with you when you go on any kind of a road trip, even if it’s a short one. If it’s hot outside that water can help you stay hydrated, and you won’t have to make a ton of stops to keep buying more.

If you do break down and get stranded for a few hours, which can happen, having some food and water on hand will make your time stranded a bit more comfortable. You won’t die if you miss a meal or two, but getting hungry could make you irritable. And, again, if it’s hot you want to stay hydrated so you don’t get heat stroke.

Take Breaks From Driving And Sitting

When your road trip is taking you a good distance, you don’t want to simply drive continuously. Obviously you’ll need a break once in awhile, even if it’s just to go to the bathroom. However, it also helps to get out and stretch your legs some.

Stopping every so often and getting out and moving can help you fight fatigue. It’s recommended you take a good 15 minute break, or so, about every two to three hours.

Prepare An Emergency Kit

Finally, make sure you have things like roadside flares for your vehicle, and even jumper cables. But more importantly, have a first aid kit, fully stocked. Even that stop at the rest area could end with a scraped knee and the need for some Bactine and a bandaid!

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