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Here’s Why Everyone Needs to Learn CPR

CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation is one of those skills you never know when you might need. And once you learn it, you could be able to help more than you can probably understand. Everyone around you will feel safer knowing that they are in safe hands if they collapse. Knowing CPR can literally mean life or death for someone who stops breathing. The time between the collapse and the moment the paramedics arrive can determine whether someone lives or dies.

If this isn’t convincing enough to sign up for ACLSED classes, we don’t know what is. Still, if you’re not convinced, here are a couple of reasons to help you understand why knowing CPR is so important.

It’s not Difficult to Learn

CPR does not require years of extensive training to learn. It actually takes a single class to learn the technique in most cases. And you can find CPR classes everywhere, most commonly at the Red Cross. You can also learn CPR online through videos, but signing up for an actual class will help you master the skill easier, as you’ll have competent trainers and CPR training equipment at your disposal. Most importantly, you will have validation that you have truly mastered the skill before you actually have to use it.

Learning CPR once is usually enough, though some need CPR certification, which includes some paperwork and ACLS certification renewal once every couple of years.

Increases Someone’s Chance of Survival

More than 356,000 cardiac arrests happen outside the hospital every year, and over 90% of them turn fatal. The number is truly terrifying, but a sure way to lower it is to have more people become familiar with CPR so they can help while the paramedics arrive.

When you heart stops beating, the oxygen cannot get to your brain. This can have fatal consequences in a short amount of time. CPR helps restore oxygen to the brain and vital organs so patients have an increased chance of survival and recovery.

Gives You Confidence

Having to face a medical emergency can be terrifying. And if you don’t know CPR but are eager to help, you might feel guilt for not being to properly react to the situation. Even though cardiac arrest is unexpected, knowing CPR will help you feel more confident to help a person in need. You will be able to make a decision that can save someone’s life!

When an emergency occurs, people near the victim are the ones who have the chance to help before the medical professionals arrive. If you are trained in CPR you can help improve their chance of survival.

Save Your Loved Ones

According to the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation, approximately 70% of all sudden cardiac arrests happen right at home. This means that there is an enormous chance the person you’re saving is someone you care about. Whether it’s a family member, friend or a neighbor, they are the ones you are more likely to save than a stranger on the street.

A sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, not just the elderly and the sick. There are numerous factors that can lead to a sudden cardiac arrest, such as trauma, drowning, drug overdose, electrocution or others.

It’s true that on average, people suffering from a sudden cardiac arrest are over 60 years old, this can still happen to anyone, even teenagers. This is why it’s important to know CPR so you can help someone in need. This is also why all parents should be schooled in the technique.

No matter why you choose to learn CPR, mastering this technique is always a good idea. You can enroll in a class with a friend or a family member so everyone can react properly in the case of an emergency.

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