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Tips That Can Impact Your Life, Health and Happiness

Work, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep. For many of us, these three words define our day to day existence. It can be hard to maintain a healthy frame of mind when your life can be split into three fairly arbitrary tasks. With an estimated 44% of Brits suffering from some form of long-term stress, more of us than ever before to be able to stop once in a while and address our mental health. We may not be able to see mental health, but the potential for stress to physically manifest itself is high. Read the following and improve your happiness levels today.

The power is in your mind

Whether you are able to live your life in a state of financial security, or you’re repeatedly struggling to make ends meet, there is one universal truth that rings true for us all: our life experience is born from our current mental state. There is a significant amount of research that supports the old axiom ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’. How you live your life and react to situations on a daily basis are directly linked back to your current mood and emotional well-being. Have you ever found yourself on holiday or visiting friends, only to feel the dreadful gnawing of depression and sadness? Similarly, you may experience an elevated state of happiness and bliss in the most atrocious of surroundings and circumstances.

Constant mood fluctuations stem from our ability–or inability–to control our state of emotions at any moment of time. One way to properly address the issue of achieving a sustained level of bliss is through mindfulness meditation. In the past, meditation has been likened to a spiritual path only followed by individuals that wore orange robes and lived deep in the mountains, and therefore wasn’t treated with the amount of respect that it might deserve. New scientific evidence provides statistical data linking meditation to lower blood pressure, relief from anxiety, and an improvement in our ability to focus.

Morning Person

Slow and steady wins the race, as they say, in the practice of mindfulness meditation. Start your practice by committing to 5 minutes per day of sitting in silence and focusing on your breathing. Whilst meditating you will find that your mind floods with thoughts, images and random feelings–this is perfectly normal. Simply bring your mental focal point back to the in-and-out movement of your diaphragm as your body fills with, and then releases air.

Benefits and Compensation

Along with creating a healthy equilibrium within our mind, it is valuable to employ certain medical benefits that might apply to our current state of need. People suffering from Arthritis, Cancer, Heart Disease, all of which have a relationship with your mental health, can be entitled financial support from the government to attain better quality of life.

As anyone suffering from a chronic medical condition knows, stress and feelings of dread can impact your health both mentally and physically. Many of us who are in a position of heightened risk with regards to our health have the opportunity to take advantage of some of the many companies that specialise in providing support to ensure that any financial needs we might have are met–even surpassed. Any financial compensation can give those of us who are suffering from illness to have the all-important peace of mind when addressing their bills, medical fees, doctor visits, and any basic expenditures throughout daily life. A simple consultation can open a doorway to a life that’s worth living once again.


These aforementioned methods of taking care of your health are only part of a greater picture that is ultimately linked to being able to enjoy your life. Follow the steps relating to meditation to relieve stress and hopefully you won’t be in a position where your physical health is being affected by problems in your everyday life.

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