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Hot Dermatology Trends in New York City

Your skin needs a special care regimen during the winter months to protect it from New York’s bitter cold winds and wintry elements that can wreak havoc with the skin.  Often a skincare product isn’t enough, however, to undo the damage caused by weather and, of course, time.  There are various skin treatments, however, that your Manhattan dermatologist can provide that seem to undo the effects of age and the damaging elements that come into contact with our skin.  Consider the following treatments in the new year that may give your skin the rejuvenation it needs to look its best.


Injectable Radiesse treatments will peel away years as they fill in the lines of your wrinkles.  Lines and folds are erased as the Calcium hydroxyapetite crystals are injected into the skin to fill in the gaps and stimulate the growth of the skin’s own collagen.  This treatment is also growing in popularity as a treatment to reshape the bridge of the nose.  For facial volume restoration, talk to your dermatologist to find out more about this advanced treatment that can reduce the appearance of time to aging and weather-worn skin.

Resurfacing: Fraxel

Fraxel is a hot trend in dermatology that involves laser skin treatments.  Fraxel Re:pair is ideal for treating fine lines, wrinkles, unbalanced skin texture, moles, and sun-induced redness.  If you have a history of sun exposure–years of tanning or working outdoors, for instance–this treatment can help repair the discoloration of the skin that eventually ensues.  There is about a week’s worth of down-time; however, the procedure is non-invasive.

Fraxel Thulium is most often used to treat sun damage, severe hyperpigmentation, and dark spots.  Only topical anesthesia is required and the procedure can be completed in less than thirty minutes.  The end result in about a week is softer and younger looking skin.
Fraxel Clear and Brilliant is a treatment that diminishes the signs of aging, but also enhances the skin’s natural glow and skin tone.  This treatment is growing in popularity and works for any skin type with absolutely no downtime.

If you want to wake up your skin in the new year and take years away from its appearance, consider these advanced treatments that are meeting with extraordinary success.

Isabelle Lee is a registered medical assistant specializing in anti-aging skin care treatments in New York City. To know more about the author, connect with her on Google+ or to know more about hot dermatology trends, visit

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