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How to detect cancer early on – Exams that help in diagnosing cancer

A person gains more chances of recovering from deadly diseases like cancer when they are detected and treated early on. A disease like cancer can certainly be diagnosed early only when a patient goes through routine self-exams suggested by a medical professional or medical checkup on a regular basis. Even under circumstances when a patient doesn’t show any symptom, Cancer can still be diagnosed through routine checkups and physical tests suggested by a doctor.

Your doctor should be able to list your regular checkup schedule besides problems and risks that you ought to keep an eye at. A number of risk factors are taken into account while your doctor suggests checkups and tests. Such factors may include family health history, your medical history and your age. Your doctor will also teach you to conduct self-exams. Information pertaining to cancer diagnosis or screening programs can be availed through your state health department. You may inquire about such programs to the Cancer Information Service.

Exams for Both Sexes

Skin – Skin cancer often leaves certain signs on your skin. During regular skin checkups, a doctor might examine our skin. Specific skins changes that are left on your skin involve alterations on colors, shapes and sizes of moles, sores that are difficult to be healed and sudden growths. You must keep an eye on such changes besides going through your regular checkups. You must report the smallest warning sign to your doctor without wasting any time.

Abnormal areas or undulations can be felt by the doctor when he lets his finger through the rectum of a patient and checks out rectum cancer. During routine checkups, it’s truly important for a doctor conduct a digital rectal test.

Mouth – You must pay a visit to your dentist or physician on a regular basis. There are a few areas inside your mouth that may undergo color changes e.g. cracks, scabs, sores, inner cheeks, white patches, tongue, swelling, gums, bleeding and lips. You may spot these changes while looking at your mirror. There are a few alterations within your mouth that may lead through cancer; you may touch and feel such growths from time to time.

Exams for Men

Prostate – Areas that seem lumpy or hard on your prostate gland may be identified when you undergo any digital rectal test. Such tests are mostly necessary for men over 40 years of age. The rectum wall allows your doctor to get a feel o your prostate gland.

Testicles – Testicular cancer mostly surfaces on individuals that fall in the age group of 15-34. Testicular self-exam often reveals such cancer in men. You must visit your doctor whenever you notice any specific tenderness, swelling, pain or heaviness besides other changes like the formation of lumps. During routine medical tests, your doctor should check out your testicles for such conditions.

Exams for Women

Breast – When it comes to breast cancer in women, chances are more that they will recover fully due to a wide variety of treatment choices. It’s truly important to diagnose breast cancer through its initial phase. Besides visiting the doctor regularly, a woman must look out for possible symptoms.

Once a woman gets sexually active or turns 18, she should start undergoing an annual Pap test. Frequency of such tests could be reduced by her when the results of Pap tests prove negative for three consecutive years. Again, she needs to follow the advice of her doctor under all circumstances.

Cervix – Cervix cancer can actually be detected early through regular Pap tests and pelvic exams. In order to detect changes of one’s rectum, bladder, fallopian tubes, ovaries, vagina and uterus, a doctor needs to feel these organs during a pelvic exam.

It is truly essential for you to go for a medical check-up if you show the symptoms mentioned above. You can’t just wait till you experience pain. Cancer usually doesn’t cause pain through its initial stages. A patient doesn’t always show symptoms of cancer. It is in his interest to detect cancer by undergoing a screening test. The advent of medical technology has shown us through a few modern cancer detection techniques and instruments. While surfing the internet, you’ll find out more about them.

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