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Human Growth Hormone meets it equal with IGF-1 Deer Antler Extract

This hormone is usually prescribed as a supplement for individuals who cannot produce their own hormones. Doctors will give it as a means to allow a person a normal life at a normal height where otherwise they would be very short, and possibly suffer some difficulties because of that. This medicine cannot be taken over the counter, and must be given by a doctor. Though some drug companies claim to have harnessed the power of this hormone in their product—to actually use the authentic drug, you must first see a doctor and determine a need for it.

Recently, the uses for this drug have expanded from the needs of just physical size. For example, doctors have begun prescribing this hormone to older patients as a means to increase vitality. In other cases, people have claimed that taking doses of the hormone later in life have reversed the effects of aging, or in most cases, slowed it down. Many people swear by the drug, stating that it’s done wonders for their life, especially in the later stages of it. Science can’t confirm this, as there is no evidence to say that it has made a dramatic effect on stopping the aging process. Some people even suggest that taking the drug when healthy can have extremely nasty side effects.

There has also been a rise in trends of this hormone being used to help increase weight-loss in obese patients. Doctors with patients in desperate need to lose weight keeping them from having a normal quality of life have turned to human growth hormones to help. Doctors aren’t sure how it exactly helps with weight loss—some claim it brings the body back to a healthier state and helps kick start the metabolism. Some have claimed that the hormone is a miracle cure for those trying to drop a lot of weight quickly, though others have raised flags about dangerous side effects. Check out this awesome guide on how to boost your testosterone naturally if you’re not interested in trying HGH.

Side Effects

Some possible side effects include increased chance of diabetes, permanent joint problems and damage to internal organs. Though these side effects won’t be true for everyone and every case, some believe that the possibility of these things happening not worth the possible outcomes of using the drug. Regardless, the FDA has approved the drug for people to use, which means that whatever negative outcomes there could be, the benefit to humans far surpasses that.

In most cases, doctors will not prescribe the drug for anyone who is completely healthy. The risks that come with using the hormone must outweigh the possible negative effects. In the case of extreme obesity, where weight-loss is the only option for the person to survive and live a healthy life, any negative consequences of using the hormone significantly outweigh the alternative.

These circumstances eventually led to the discovery of IGF-1, which is a growth hormone stimulator that occurs naturally in the velvet of deer antlers. Many popular sports figures purportedly use deer antler extract and recent price decreases have made it available to the masses.


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