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The Importance of Nutrition on Male Fertility

The issue of male fertility and nutrition is a complicated matter. It seems as though the two go hand in hand. Scientific Studies have shown that in cases where couples were trying to conceive that fertility issues comprised 50% of the total problem.

Father Feeling Depressed At Baby's Mealtime

They have also shown that if a man is not getting the proper amounts of certain nutrients and amino acids that they will have a low sperm count.

The amino acids arganine, carnitine, and glutathione are responsible for healthy sperm production. Amino acids carry out a wide range of functions ranging from gas transport, blood circulation, and antioxidant effects. Without proper levels of amino acids, the likelihood of conception and adequate male fertility dramatically decreases.

Another important factor is overall stress levels. If a man is extremely stressed his sperm levels will be low. Stress levels can play a key role in many of the bodies processes including reproduction. It is recommended that You decrease your overall stress levels before trying to begin conceiving.

There are certain vitamins and minerals that are also thought to have an effect on overall sperm production and male fertility. Some of these minerals include zinc, vitamin E, selenium, and coenzyme Q10. Deficiencies of the substances is thought to decrease sperm production. Supplements are available to help boost the levels of these minerals and vitamins in the dinner

Men that are trying increase their sperm count should take certain precautions and measures before actually trying to conceive. The first step is to assess overall levels of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in the body. Measures should be taken to correct any levels which are low or perhaps considered borderline. There are a wide variety of supplements on the market that are designed to increase any of the levels which may be low or needs supplementation. before taking any supplements. Before beginning any supplements you may want to consult your family physician or fertility specialist. Be sure to also do your homework regarding which supplements are the best to take for your needs. Not all supplements are created equally and some are of higher quality than others. You can investigate the quality of the supplements all online and by reading customer reviews. You will get a better insight as to the quality of the supplements as well as previous customer’s experiences.

It is also recommended that men that are trying to increase their sperm levels and fertility should avoid extreme stress. Periods of stress can decrease the levels of vital nutrients and vitamins in the body which help to produce sperm. Stress can have detrimental effects on the body as a whole which includes all areas of function. A few simple ways to reduce stress include getting plenty of exercise daily and getting a full night’s sleep. When it comes to increasing male fertility, preparation is the key. It is important to take proactive measures before trying to conceive if there have been fertility issues in the past.

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