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Invisalign Braces – A Better Option Than Traditional Braces

What is Invisalign braces?

With the improvement in technology, dentists have discovered a modern way of aligning the teeth without conventional metal braces. Invisalign braces are made from clear plastic, which is molded in the shape of aligned teeth mold which is placed over patient’s teeth to align them. As it is made from the transparent material it becomes unnoticeable if someone is wearing them. After two weeks the dentist changes the Invisalign with a new set that slowly aligns teeth. The frequency of replacing Invisalign may differ depending upon the work required to align teeth. Invisalign is the result of extensive research and has gone through many clinical trials before being introduced as an effective alternative of metal braces. The exclusive technology used in the development of Invisalign helps in shifting teeth to a proper position over time without the use of metal wire.

For how long Invisalign are worn?

The Invisalign are supposed to be worn for at least two weeks. After this, the set is changed with a new one; which is molded into a more proper shape than the previous one. This process can be time-consuming because you have to get it changed after every two weeks till you have properly aligned teeth. Aligning of teeth should be done at a slow pace or else if they are moved quicker than it could result in shrinking down the roots which will make teeth unstable.

Types of Invisalign

Invisalign are available in four different types:

  • Invisalign full:

Invisalign full is used to treat complex alignment issues. It is the most commonly prescribed treatment and involves changing of many Invisalign during the entire treatment. Usually, dentists prescribe Invisalign in the first place because it is useful in treating complex and severe cases. Most practitioners prefer and recommend this type because it can treat the most severe and complex cases. Moreover, the treatment continues until it reaches to perfect results.

  • Invisalign Lite:

Invisalign lite is used to treat mild or moderate alignment issues. It is not one of the famous recommendations of dentists as this treatment will involve only a limited number of aligners.

  • Invisalign i7:

The Invisalign i7 is an advanced version of Invisalign which reduces the treatment duration for people with minor alignment issues, such as one or two crooked teeth.

  • Invisalign Express:

The Invisalign express is a short treatment having 10 trays which might not be enough.

Why is Invisalign braces a better option?

You cannot decide on your own which set of braces are better for you, for this you need to consult your dentist. Following are the advantages Invisalign serves over traditional braces.

  • They are invisible

Nobody around you will ever notice that you are wearing braces, as they are made out of transparent material. You will no longer have a mouth full of metal wires.

  • Comfortable

Invisalign are a lot more comfortable than traditional braces. You might feel a bit of discomfort in the start but it gets comfortable afterward. The traditional braces are uncomfortable and can cause pain while eating.

  • Removable

Another greatest advantage of Invisalign braces is that they can be easily taken off for having meals or dental care. You can easily take them off while you are eating or drinking red vine, as it could even stain your Invisalign. Most of the patients are opting for Invisalign because of this feature.

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