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How to Keep Your Baby Healthy During the First Few Months

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep yourself healthy but when it comes to your baby, you should do all you can to help them. The following tips will help you to keep your baby healthy.

Consider Where You Are Taking Them

In those first few months, you want everyone to see your new bundle of joy. However, where there are lots of people, there is an increased chance of picking up a virus or infection. Any kind of fever could result in a trip to the hospital so the risk is not worth it. Do your best to keep them away from shopping centres and restaurants although outdoor areas are fine.

Keeping Hands Clean

If anyone is going to hold your newborn, make sure you ask them to wash their hands before they do so. This will help to remove any germs such as the cold or flu virus as well as many others before they hold your baby. If a family member is under the weather, ask them to stay away until they have fully recovered – they will understand your concerns.

Continue to Breastfeed

If you have been hit with a dreaded cold you should continue to feed your baby as normal. This means continuing to breastfeed because you will be passing on antibodies in your breast milk which will help to enhance their immune system.

Get Yourself Vaccinated

Your baby won’t be able to have many of the vaccines that you can have such as the flu jab while the whooping cough vaccine can take a while to work. Therefore, make sure you have all of the right vaccines that not only protect you but also protect your baby. Do this as soon as you can after giving birth because it will prevent you from catching these viruses and passing them on to your little one.

Help Older Children to Understand

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If you have older children, they will be mixing with other children in school and so, it is likely that they could bring home unwanted germs. However, if this is the case, do not panic because you want your older child to want to bond with their sibling instead of wanting to stay away because they are afraid. Therefore, encourage them to wash their hands before holding the baby, when they cough or sneeze they should put their hand over their mouth and if they blow their nose, the tissue goes straight into the bin.

Help to Prevent Spread by Following Rules

Many nurseries or day care centres will have rules in place that relate to ill children. This means that your baby may not be allowed to attend until they have been free of any illness for a minimum of 24 hours. These rules should be followed because it helps to stop the spread of these germs. It is not ideal if your child is the one who is unwell but the rules are there for a reason and they will help to the germs that your child is exposed to at a minimum.

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